12 Things You Didn’t Know About Cat Paws

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For all you cat lovers, here are some interesting facts about cat paws you may not know about! I know any cat lover who has a little fascination with cat paws will enjoy this post!

cat paws facts

I know this might make me sound a bit weird but here goes, I am obsessed with cat paws! Well even dog paws for that matter, I just love how soft and oh so adorable they are! I had one cat when I was younger, Buttons, who let me always gently pat and pet her little cat paws! What is so unique is your cat’s paws will depend on the cat you have. Some cats will have light pink pads, others will have black and some even have spots of black on pink paws. It is so neat to see exactly what kind of paws your cat has!

Fascinating Cat Paw Facts

cat paws facts


If you have thought of declawing your cat you might change your mind when you read this. Cat claws are not like fingernails of humans, they are actually an outgrowth of bones. So when you declaw your cat, you are amputating part of the bone!

Dominant Cat Paws

Yes, you read that right every cat, just like humans, has a dominant paw! If you pay attention to your cat when they complete tasks, you will see sometimes they use one paw more often than the other, it is because they are dominant!

Scent Glands in Cat Paws

If you read my article on the benefits of cat scratching, you might have learned this already! Cats have scent glands in their paw pads. So when they go to scratch on a post or piece of furniture, they are marking their territory for any other predators they think might come by!

Shock Absorber

If you have ever touched cat paws you will feel how soft and squishy they are. That is because they help absorb the shock when they pounce around or even fall!

Sensitive to Temperatures

Cat paws are sensitive to heat and cold, so make sure to protect those little paws! The reason for this is cat paws have a lot of nerves in them, so they can sense and feel different terrains as they are walking and hunting prey!

Pads Match Color of Cat 

Take some time to look over those adorable paw pads. Kitty’s paw pads can mimic the color of their fur. Black cats will have black pads, Multi-colored cats will have a mix, white cats generally have a pink. It is neat to see how different the colors can be on different cats.

Generally, Have 18 Toes 

Most cats will have 18 toes, that is four on each paw, plus the dewclaw on the two front pads.

Flexible Paws 

Paws are very flexible on cats, this helps them to really be able to climb and hunt with ease. The front paws are designed to move inward, while they climb. This will give the cat a very strong grip on what ever they are climbing or gripping!

Cat’s Sweat From Their Paws 

When a cat gets hot, they sweat from their paws. They can also sweat when they get worked up or over stressed. Sweating through their paws can help keep their body temperature regulated.

Different Shapes and Sizes 

Each cat and even breeds will show different shapes and sizes in their paws. Some might have a more dainty paw, while others might be more rounded!

Paws Make Hunting Easier

Cats love to hunt, it is something that comes naturally. Having paws, this enables them to be quieter as they are trying to capture their prey!

Walk on Balls And Fingertips 

Cats don’t walk on the heels of their feet like humans, they walk on the balls and fingertips of their feet only.

Did you know these cat paw facts already or did I help you learn a few new things about your feline friends?

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