Create A Cat Paradise With One of These DIY Cat Towers

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If you are looking to create a cat paradise, look no further! Below, you will find a variety of DIY cat towers you can build today, for your feline! These cat towers will provide a safe haven, needed exercise, stimulation, and more for your cat. They can sleep, lounge, watch, play, and more on their DIY cat tower!

DIY Cat Towers and Condos

If you find you need a little help, hire someone or ask a friend or family member to help! Cats are so curious, and if they can climb and investigate things, it will truly brighten up their day! You can find cat towers of all sizes to fit the space for your room, and not cramp your style. Dress them up with any color or print you want, to make it fit with the design and decor of your room!

Buying a cat tower can be a little expensive, and if you find you don’t have a budget for that, you can make your own DIY cat tower for a fraction of the price. Below is a variety of DIY cat towers you can build yourself, that your cat will love! If you put the tower by the window, they can crawl up high and watch out the window, and watch birds, people walking by and more!

 Meow-Tastic DIY Cat Towers

Cat Tree Condo

Diy cat tree by Meow Cat Blog

They provide a nice display of pictures and instructions on how to build this cat condo. It has different heights for your cat to climb and play on.

Cat Tree Perch

Okay, this is really neat. You can head out and look around for a neat piece of wood with a variety of branches, or you might be able to buy a piece of wood to mimic this neat idea.


Traditional Cat Tower

DIY Cat Tree by Instructables

This one is a more traditional cat tower design. It has different levels and perches for your cat to play and sit on. They even have a little box for your cat to go hide in or take a nap!

Cat Condo

Cat Condo by Bake Create Love

This one would be pretty simple to make, you could even buy different size cubes, and cut the holes in, like this one. Your cat can pounce from one box to another, climbing their way up!

Minimalist Shelves

If you don’t have enough room for a full-on cat tower, create shelves for your cat to jump on. This is a very affordable and savvy idea! Great for homes that are small and don’t have a lot of floor space.

Ceiling Cat Tree

With a little PVC pipe, twine and glue you can create this fun cat tree with different ledges for your cat to lounge around on! This one looks to be a bit easier than other plans to create!

Cat Tree

This is another classic style, it has two huts and different levels. This is great if you have multiple cats, they can each have their own space to sleep or play in.

Cat Block Tower

This is a tower where they can crawl up, and pop through one of the spots that are cut open for them to crawl out of! You put a carpet on the inside of the wood so they can grip with their claws and crawl up.

Repurpose Dresser Drawers for Condo

If you have an old dresser that is no longer needed, repurpose it! You can make the tower as big or as small as you want, and use the drawer for areas for your feline friend to lounge!


These ten different condo/towers are a great way to get inspired to create your own cat tower. With a little imagination, you can create a safe haven for your feline! Maybe you can even try one of these cat tree alternatives. I love how creative these DIY cat towers are, from using PVC pipe to old drawers! Anything will work to make your cat a perfect place to make them feel loved and special!


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