15 Best Selling Cat Toys that Your Furbaby Will Love

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Searching for the right cat toys isn’t as easy as many think. Our furbabies have their own personalities and motivations.
Who knew that there were seriously so many options? When it comes to finding out what your cat likes, you really do need to try out a lot of different cat toy options.
We’ve gathered the top 5 best selling cat scratchers, catnip toys, and cat condos to help you narrow down your search.
With all of these amazing choices, it’s a safe bet that there’s something your cat will love here!
15 Best Selling Cat Toys Your Furbaby will Love

15 Best Selling Cat Toys Your Furbaby Will Love

Are you a proud cat owner? Which one of these cat toys do you think your feline friend will love the most?

Best Selling Cat Toys


  1. The Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy has a scratch pad that is durable and will provide hours of fun for your cat. Along its circumference is a channel for a small ball to be pushed and played with. The scratch pad is replaceable which is ultra convenient for any pet owner.
  2. Now, what kitty doesn’ t like lounging around? Get your loved one this luxurious scratcher lounge by PetFusion so that he/she can scratch in style.
  3. The KONG brand can help get your kitty off the furniture because they will love scratching the Natural Incline Scratcher Cat Toy instead! Fluffy will love it because of the American-grown catnip it’ s included with.
  4. This scratcher acts both as a floor scratcher and inclined scratcher. It’ s compact, so it will go seamlessly in any room. Comes with organic catnip that your purring friend will adore!
  5. Looking for something easy to store away? this hammock scratcher can be folded up when it’ s not in use. Its design is sturdy, making it safe for kitty to scratch and play away.

15 Best Selling Catnip Cat Toys

Catnip Toys

  1. If you’ re longing for something more interactive, then these Feather Teasers by KONG will have kitty cat wanting more. Comes with premium North American catnip, these dangle toys have bright feathers and a crinkle sound to them.
  2. Cats love the love the Catit Senses 2.0 because of the multiple tubes, which encourage natural pawing behavior. Can be used with a variety of treats.
  3. Make your feline friend go bananas over this, well… banana! A simple toy that your cat will love, all you have to do is fill ‘ er up with some catnip and you’ re good to go.
  4. Cats can hardly resist Bergan’ s Catnip Hurricane Toy. All you have to do is place catnip in the center and push the balls to go round and round. Kitty cat will be entertained for hours on end.
  5. Turn your cat’ s attention to his own little plant. The Catit Senses 2.0 Planter is made to tickle kitty’ s senses by touching, tasting and smelling.
  6. Try the easy catnip creations in these DIY cat toys.

Best Selling Cat Condos

Cat Condos

  1. The cube shape to this cat condo is sturdy yet, comfortable. Your cat will feel on top of the world when he/she sits atop his/her beautiful abode.
  2. Not digging the look of a litter box in the corner of the living room? This cat condo is sleek, stylish and also disguises those unsightly litter boxes.
  3. Are you all about multifunctional furniture? This sturdy piece acts as a side table and a cat home.
  4. If kitty is all about comfort, then Kitty Zen Den Cat Hideaway is the perfect cat house for him/her. It will provide your cat with soft cushioning and an elevated lounging spot – and what kitty can deny some good ol’ relaxation time?
  5. The ultimate in cat condos, Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree Furniture features a multi-level playground with plush fabric. It also has scratch-friendly posts and various toys to keep your furry friend entertained for hours on end.

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Cat Toys that Don’t Cost a Thing

One of the other things about cats is that they don’t even really care sometimes what they have to play with. Don’t get me wrong…make certain that you have some purchased cat toys lying around the house for when they do want to play, but you’l also be suprised at what they’ll play with that you have just sitting around, too.

Cardboard Boxes

Cats love empty cardboard boxes! And in all reality, they love any type of box that they can fit in or think that they can fit in!


Tie a piece of string on a door handle so that they can reach it and watch them play for hours. It’s something that is always ready to lure them in.

Balled up Piece of Paper

If it is a bit round in size, and “rolls”, they’ll play with a balled up piece of paper on the floor all day long. Patting it around and chasing it is one of their favorite things!


In case you didn’t know, cats are totally playful. Finding the balance between store-bought and new is totally up to you.

These are the top 15 best selling cat toys from Amazon, but we’ d love to hear if you make your own cat toys. We know the amount of love and dedication that must put into such a project so we’ d love to share them along with your fabulous feline!

Do you have any homemade cat toys to share?


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