8 Things Cats Hate that Humans Do

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Our cats may seem pretty mellow and laid back, but there are things cats hate that we sometimes do. Don’t be shocked if you find out that your cats have a few pet peeves as well. Here are some habits we have that seem to drive our cats crazy. You might be guilty of a doing few of these things cats hate and had no clue it was driving your cat bonkers.


I think it is safe to say that cats are just like any other roommate you might have had over the years. You will probably get on their nerves here and there for the weird habits you have. Cats are so smart and pretty particular, and if you are doing some of these things cats hate, you might be driving your cat a little cray-cray.

Things Cats Hate That You Might Be Doing


Aggressive Petting 

Cats are different than dogs, they don’t like aggressive patting and petting. They love to be treated like a prince or princess. So make sure to go light on the petting next time.

Playing Dress Up 

Sure you may think your cat is the cutest thing in the world in that fuzzy sweater or costume, but really they want to claw your eyes out. One of the things cats hate most is wearing clothes. A few will let you get away with it, though. If you have a cat who does let you dress them up, consider yourself very lucky!

Loud Music 

Cats have really good hearing, so their ears are pretty sensitive to sound. Their ears are naturally designed to draw in sounds, like hearing a mouse scurrying across the floor. Because of this, blaring music can be painful. If possible limit the volume or put on headphones so that you don’t hurt your cat’s ears.

Car Rides 

Another of the things cats hate is car rides. They get motion sickness, anxiety, and it quite frankly stresses them out.  Granted a trip to the vet is a must, but try to limit your car rides with your cat. If your feline seems to enjoy rides then keep on doing what you are doing, but most tend to find it stressful and would rather stay at home watching the ceiling fan.

Jingling Collars 

It is so fun to have a collar on your cat that jingles as they walk down the hallway. But for a cat, they have that natural instinct to be quiet and creep up on prey. That is hard to do when they make a ton of noise with every step they take, so this is definitely up there on the list of things cats hate.

Forcing Snuggle Time

If your cat is less than excited to snuggle don’t force them. You will bond stronger with your buddy if you let them come to you when they want. I know that after a hard day work you want to snuggle your cat when you get home, but if they aren’t in the mood try and let them be. Being clingy is also one of the top things cats hate.

Litter Box Mess

Cats love to be clean, that is why you see them cleaning themselves all the time. Make sure that you keep that litter box nice and clean. You might find your cat goes to the bathroom in other spots in the home when the litter box is too messy for them.

Sleep Disturbance 

Cat’s are known for “cat napping” all day long. When you barge in or make a loud noise that startles them from their peaceful slumber, they might be less than happy with you.

Are you surprised by these things cats hate?

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