Adorable Facts About Kittens You Might Not Know

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If you know me at all, you know that I love facts! I am gonna share some fun facts about kittens you might not know. When kittens are born they have a set of unique needs that must be met so they can grow into a healthy cat. I was amazed at all the neat facts about kittens that I was unaware of!

fun facts about kittens

Interesting Facts About Kittens

Our cat Sassy recently had another litter of kittens. Sadly, two of them were sick and didn’t make it. This is one of the last ones left, and we decided to name it Dot. That way, if we later find out it is a girl, we can call it Dottie, or if a boy, Dot seems okay to stay. Clay can easily say Dot, so it works great. When Dot is a bit older, we will be taking Sassy in to get her fixed so we don’t have any more babes that decide to surprise us. We had no idea she was even pregnant until she was showing quite a bit!

I had no idea that cats could turn around and get pregnant right after their milk dries up. I guess I assumed it was just when they were in heat. Like the old saying goes, you learn something new every day. We now know, and we are going to make sure we don’t have any more kittens anytime soon, or we might be in overload mode here.

Weigh 3-4 Ounces At Birth

Generally, kittens weigh around 3-4 ounces at birth and gain around 4 ounces per week. They should then gain around one pound a month up until they are six months old. I had no idea how little they weighed when they were born!

Kittens Can’t See Or Hear Until Week 2-3

Kittens open their eyes around week one, but they can’t really hear clearly or see until around 2-3 weeks old. They are so dependent on their mommas because of this.

2-5 Kittens In A Litter

Usually, a mommy kitty will have around 2-5 kittens in a litter. The kittens are born at 30-45 minute intervals. Some are born head first, while others come out feet first.

They Sleep Around 18 Hours A Day

Kittens really like to sleep. They can sleep around 18 hours a day, and then find some energy to burn by playing around with their siblings or owners. One of their growth hormones is released only when they sleep, so that is why they must get a lot of sleep to ensure they grow at a healthy rate.

Strong Sense of Smell

They will have a strong sense of smell that develops when their hearing and eyesight develop. Kittens can therefore stay safe from predators that could be lurking when they are older.

Immune Boosting Colostrum

Cats release colostrum in the first 24-48 hours of birth, just like when humans breastfeed. These antibodies in the milk help protect the kittens from infections.

Need Help Staying Warm The First Few Weeks

They require a heat source (momma kitty) to help keep them warm during the first two to four weeks. You can use a heating pad on a low setting as an alternative if there is no mom cat. Kittens don’t regulate their body temperature, so they need help staying warm.

Whiskers Are As Long As Their Bodies Are Wide

Kitten whiskers are about as long as the bodies are wide. Long whiskers helps them navigate easily in their area. Their whiskers are also especially helpful when they begin to adventure out.

Can’t Go To The Bathroom On Their Own

Momma cat or the owner needs to stimulate them to go to the bathroom. The stimulation normally involves the mom cat licking the kitten’s bottom.

They Are All Born With Blue Eyes

All kittens are born with blue eyes. The full or true eye color develops at around 8 weeks old.

Lose Baby Teeth

Baby kittens are born with 26 teeth. The baby teeth fall out after around 6 months. At this point, the kittens get their full set of 30 teeth.

Play Around 4 Weeks Old

Your kittens should begin to play a bit at around the 4 week mark. They might roughhouse with their mom or siblings and pounce around. Early kitty play is darling to watch.

Weaned at 8 Weeks

A kitten is fulling weaned by eight weeks old. This is the earliest time that the kittens can go home with their forever families. The first few weeks of life with the mom and siblings are important. You don’t want to take them away too soon.

Were You Surprised By Any of These Facts About Kittens?

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