Advice For When You Visit An Animal Adoption Center

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If you are considering adding a cat to your home, you might read through this article to learn what to do before, during and after your visit to an animal adoption center. Even thinking of adopting a new cat can be a big commitment, and you want to make sure you are ready.

To help guide you through the process, I have some advice to keep in mind when you visit an animal adoption center. This will help you to know what to do, things to ask, and to really consider if you are ready for the plunge.

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We recently added a new dog to our family, it took a lot of time and consideration to know if we were ready to take that step. Having any pet added to the family mix is something that should be carefully considered. Training them, potty training, giving attention like they need, and so on.

Cats are a lot more relaxed and low maintenance compared to dogs, but they still need a lot of love, someone to feed them, clean their litter box, and everything else when it comes to taking care of them. Read on to see if you are ready to add a new member to your family!

Things to Consider Before Going to An Animal Adoption Center

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #AdoptionOfCat animal adoption center


Before You Go

One big thing is to make sure to research the animal adoption center. See what animals they have available, requirements for adopting and things along those lines. Some centers have specific requirements you have to meet before you can adopt. Every adoption center is different. Some make you fill out an application, and you have to wait to get approved.Others have to know where you live, and if you are in an apartment you have to get consent from your landlord. Another thing some animal adoption centers might do is reach out to your local veterinarian to look at your past records if you have any. Know before you go so you are prepared to provide them with paperwork if need be.

Consider These Items

Make sure that when you are looking for a new cat to possibly adopt you really consider all things about the cat. Its age, breed, characteristics, etc. If you get a kitten you will have to work with potty training, spend lots of time playing, and putting energy into the cat. For older cats, they might already be litter trained, like to lounge, etc. Some breeds like Siamese are very vocal generally. Knowing a bit about the breed will help you see or know characteristics. Also, know it costs money for vet bills and pet supplies. Some towns also require licenses and vaccinations.

Things To Look For

See how the cat is health-wise by looking at it. Does it have a nice coat, seem to be a healthy weight, etc? Make sure to ask if there are any medical records on the cat. Find out the cat’s age and any characteristics they can share. Don’t feel like you are frustrating them, bringing home a new pet is a big commitment.

Make sure you ask all the questions you can think of to ensure you are getting what you want. Some cats get dropped off and had a chip or have a medical record. If they have been pretty sick or have a kidney issue, you might not want to take that on. Or you might not want a senior cat. Just try to learn as much as you can about your potential new feline.

Overall, be thorough and be prepared to take your time looking for a cat that you seem to have a connection with. Don’t force something just so you can bring a pet home. Take your time, and really consider all things before you take the plunge.

Have you adopted a pet from an animal adoption center?


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