Airline Approved Pet Carriers to Keep Your Cat Safe When You Travel

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It is so important to make sure you have an airline approved pet carrier for your cat. Keeping your cat safe and comfortable is a must for any airline ride. Finding a good quality pet carrier that can make the trip a bit easier for your cat is something to consider. I have some airline approved pet carriers I will share with you in case you are planning an upcoming trip!  You may not know you have some options for carriers that are approved. Not all pet carriers are made the same, so make sure you have an airline approved pet carrier and you can board the plane with your sweet feline.

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Before you even plan your trip you need to make sure that your airline allows pets traveling in the cabin of the plane. If they do look at their pet policy page so you can be aware of what guidelines to follow. Most airlines have similar guidelines for airline approved pet carriers, but some have slightly different rules. Most often the limit is 1 pet per person, in one carrier. So if you have multiple pets you need to see if they allow them to share or you need separate carriers.

Airline Approved Pet Carriers to Consider

#CatCare #CrazyCatLady #TravelwithCats airline approved pet carriers

Hard-Cover Collapsible Carrier

Having a carrier like this hard-cover collapsible carrier allows you to fold it up when you are not using it to minimize space. Great for airlines and even taking your cat to the occasional vet visit. It has a hard top and bottom and the sides are able to collapse. It has a padded mat for comfort for your cat.  This does have a lot of breathing spots to ensure your cat will get enough oxygen as they travel.

Deluxe Carrier

This Sherpa Deluxe Carrier is also a great one to consider. You can buy it in three different sizes. It allows great airflow for your cat as it has an opening in the top as well as the sides. I recommend the small or medium size for when you travel, so it doesn’t take up much room. This carrier does have a strap to put on the shoulder to make it easier for carrying around. It is airline approved by most airlines.

Sleepypod Crash Test Certified

The Sleepypod Air In-Cab Pet Carrier is a great option. This is a bit more expensive, but it offers crash test safety certified protection. The Sleepypod can be safer for traveling in the car or an airplane compared to other carriers. It offers a nice sleek shape that is thicker and durable. This option also fits nicely under airline seats and offers nice airflow to keep oxygen to your cat and keep them from over-heating.

Classic Hard Case Carrier

If you want more of a classic style, consider this hard case carrier. These are very durable and easy to clean. You can add a pillow or padding to add comfort for your cat. They have nice airholes, spacious, and easy to carry around. The hard case carrier is a more classic style. They have been around for years because they are great for traveling.

Does your cat like to travel? If so what type of carrier do you prefer to use?

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