What To Do When You Have An Angry Cat In Your Home

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Dealing with an angry cat is never a good thing. Whether it is directed at you or even a person or other animal in your family. If you are struggling with your cat showing signs of aggression like scratching, growling, or even spraying, you might be on the hunt for some help. Sometimes when behavioral issues come out of nowhere, it could be they are sick. Or your cat could be hurt or struggling with new adjustments. Some of these adjustments include a new pet or a new move. Regardless of the circumstances, I will help you learn how to deal with an angry cat the proper way.

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Some Reasons For An Angry Cat 

Here are some potential reasons why your cat went from loving to angry. These are a starter to help you consider why, but they are not limited to these options:

  • Sick
  • In Pain
  • Fearful
  • Aggression towards a person or animal
  • Territorial
  • Feels threatened
  • A sudden change in life (move, new pet, etc)
  • Not wanting to be petted
  • High stress
  • Experienced trauma
  • Hormones


Ways Of Managing An Angry Cat

#CrazyCatLady #AngryCat #CatCare angry cat

Deciphering Anger

Really look into your cat’s living space and life and see if any of the reasons above stand out. The best thing is to try and figure out where the aggression is stemming from so you can really tackle the issue. I know most of the times the owner can really look at their cat and kind of gauge what the issue might be. Whether they got hurt recently and could have a sore leg, a new baby was introduced into the family or something else along those lines that can make cats uncomfortable.


If you choose not to neuter or spay your cat, you have a higher chance of them becoming aggressive. Male cats especially will start to pick fights with other male cats if a female cat is in heat. So even if you have no female cat indoors they could smell a female outdoors and cause your two male cats to pick fights. That is something to think about if you have multiple cats who are not getting along.

Calming Sprays 

You can buy calming sprays online to help give your cat a moment to release that anger. These are safe for cats and can really help calm their nerves if they are feeling stressed, take the aggression away, and make them feel safe. I wrote a full article on if these sprays work, and where to buy them if you are interested.


Consider hiring a trainer for an aggressive cat, that will come in and help teach you ways to work with your cat. They might notice your cat acts aggressive in certain situations and teach you tools to handle it.


When your cat is acting angry at you make sure to follow their behavior and if they look aggressive back away. If it is another animal they are showing aggression to maybe get them away from the cat. Cats have sharp claws and teeth and they won’t be afraid to use them if they feel uneasy. Talk calmly to your cat and help ensure them they are okay and try to soothe them. Give them space when they growl, put ears back, act like they will pounce, etc.


Try and offer them a handful of things to keep them busy throughout the day. For some cats that show aggression if they find a healthy outlet like a scratching post or an interactive toy that can help release that anxiety or frustration they have built up. Try and work with your cat on showing it attention every day, praising them for good behavior, and stimulating them when you are away. You might find this can really help.

What tips do you find are helpful for an angry cat?

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