Buying an Automatic Litter Box | Are They Worth It?

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I love the idea of tossing the scoop away in exchange for an automatic litter box! I have always wondered, is an automatic litter box worth the investment? If you have asked yourself that same question, then let me help you decide if it is a good idea to try one out.

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Is An Automatic Litter Box Worth The Investment?

I have heard many raves about self-cleaning litter boxes, and some cons to owning one. I wanted to share both views on it, so you could really see an honest take on if it is worth investing in. The true answer is if you think the pros outweigh the cons and are willing to give it a try. We each think and see things differently, so what one person may not like about an automatic litter box another person could overlook. I will share some pros and cons below so you can decide for yourself, are you willing to try it out?!

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatBox  automatic litter box

Positive Reasons to Purchase an Automatic Litter Box

 Constant Cleaning

Most of the automatic litter boxes are continuously cleaning. Some are so smart that they sense your cat is inside using the restroom! As soon as your cat is done the boxes are sifting or raking to get rid of the waste. Some of the boxes will rake to pull out waste while others sift. Either way, your cat has a nice and clean litter box with each use. This is great because cats love a clean litter box. Having a clean litter box helps keep them from using the restroom outside of the litter box.

 Less Cleanup On Your End

You still have to get in and dump out the waste, but because it scoops it out for you and drops it in a designated area, you simply have less to clean. Simply grab the bag or tray, dump and your good to go. All in all, you will spend less time cleaning your litter box, compared to a traditional litter box.

Uses Less Litter

Almost all of the self-cleaning litter boxes will help you use less litter overall. That can help save you some money, which is nice. With a self-cleaning litter box, it gets rid of the waste fast, so it doesn’t allow the litter to clump up as much compared to a traditional box. This results in less litter used.

Reasons You May Not Want to Have an Automatic Litter Box

 Time to Adjust

One con that a lot of owners say is it takes time for their cat to adjust. Like you can imagine when that litter box starts up to scoop away, it makes a decent amount of noise. It can make your cat a little skittish. They do recommend that you keep your old litter box around, don’t clean it (YUCK) and that way they move on to the new litter box because it is clean and their old one isn’t.

Does Clog

I have seen this on boards and from friends who have automatic litter boxes. They can and will clog on occasion. It seems like even the higher end brands do clog here and there. The cleaning up of these clogs can be a little time consuming and unpleasant. So if you buy one, know that if it does clog with waste or some of the litter granules that you might have to work on it to get it running properly again.


So as you can see a few pros and a few cons for you to weed through. I recommend before buying one, you read the reviews on sites, talk to cat owner friends and see what brand they recommend. That way if you do decide to invest in a litter box that cleans itself, you have a good chance of success.

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