The Best Battery Operated Cat Toys You’ll Want to Buy

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Cats require a lot of attention and playtime, so why not invest in some of the best battery operated cat toys available! These toys can help keep your cat happy and healthy! Cats are so smart and curious by nature, and having interactive battery operated cat toys, will surely spark their interest! Check out this awesome list of interactive and best battery operated cat toys!

Battery Operated Cat Toys

10 Best Battery Operated Cat Toys



SmartyKat Loco!

This is a battery operated toy that will really get your cat interested in play time. You can program this toy for up to two hours of continuous play! Your cat will love chasing the feather wand around the stand, trying to catch it before it spins around them! 

Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit

This is a motion-activated flashing ball track. Your cat will see the flashing lights and balls moving and try to capture the balls. You can do different layouts, and purchase additional tracks if you want! 

Hex Bug Mouse Cat Toy

This is a winner in my books! This mouse will propel itself around your home, simulating real prey! They offer two modes that you can try out to see what your cat enjoys the most. The tail even twitches as it moves to help lure your cat into playing with it! Pretty neat! 

PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser Cat Toy

If your cat is a fan of lasers, try this interactive toy! This will entertain your cat with random motion lasers, leaving your cat chasing it all over the room. It will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of continuous play, to preserve battery life.

Hide and Seek Electronic Mouse Hunt

Another amazing interactive mouse toy! This toy has little openings where a toy mouse will pop in and out of, trying to entice your cat to play. It has random motions to leave your cat guessing where the mouse will pop up next! 

Moody Pet Fling-Ama-String

You can hang this on any door frame and it will fling a string up and down to play with your cat. It is great for cats that need a little luring in to play! They will jump and swat for hours trying to catch that moving string! 

Fly By Spinner Interactive Cat Toy

Let your cat have fun trying to catch the moving butterfly, that flutters around. This is a great way to allow your cat to use their natural instincts and keep them wondering where the butterfly will move to next! 

The Petsafe Pounce

This features a small mouse that moves around in the circular path in unpredictable ways! You can choose from four-speed settings, which is perfect to fit your feline needs. It will shut off after ten minutes of play time!

Electronic Auto Motion LED Ball Pet Toy

Try out this auto motion ball for your cat. It will move around the floor (won’t work on carpet) to create a moving toy for your cat to chase after. Easy on and off switch, and they say to aim for 15 minutes of play time. 

Undercover Motorized Moving Mouse

This is an as-seen-on-television toy! Under a mat there is a motorized mouse that goes in circles, allowing your cat to try and pounce or chase after it! 

Best Battery Operated Cat Toys

I know a simple box can bring a cat a lot of entertainment, but sometimes they need something a bit more. Especially if you are away at work during the day, they might find having an interactive toy a great way to break up the day!



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