The Best Cat Accessories in 2018 to Pamper and Entertain Your Cat

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We all think of our cats as family, right? Whether you have a kitten or an older cat, these accessories will keep them entertained. Why not check out these fun and off-the-wall cat accessories you might want to buy for your furry little feline! I will share a handful of items from a wellness center, a grass planter, and even some of the top interactive toys for your feline. As you go off to work each day you don’t want to leave your cat alone with nothing to do. Buy some of these fun items and let your cat feel pampered, entertained and loved. I have a variety of really fun ideas below.

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I think the ones I love the most are the fun interactive toys. Nothing is more fun than watching a cat so intensely trying to get a mouse or ball from the toy that keeps going around in circles! Plus they make fun videos to share.


8 Must-Have Cat Accessories

#CrazyCatLady #CatEssentials #CatAccessories cat accessories

 Wellness Center

This is a great way to pamper your prince/princess.  It is the perfect place for your cat to feel like they can relax or be groomed. It has self-grooming brushes that when your cat rubs up against them it brushes their hair and collects any loose hair. Has a neck massage your cat can rub up on, and even a rubber knob that your cat can chew on to clean their teeth and gums. This has so many awesome features and a total way for your cat to feel pampered.

Peek-A-Boo Cheese

A fun interactive toy that can help entertain your feline while you are away at work, or cooking dinner. Two mice will pop in and out and draw your cat in from wanting to pounce on the mice!

 Grass Planter

Cats have that natural instinct to be outdoors and with this, you can bring some grass indoors to give your cat the sensation of fresh grass. They can chew on the grass, lounge by it, sniff and feel like a piece of the outside is in. Having a cat garden is a really great option for cats, but if you don’t have much space this planter might be perfect for your home.

 LICKI brush

You put this cat accessory in your mouth and it mimics a tongue as you brush your cat. This brush was a sensation on Facebook earlier in the year so I had to include it. While it is a bit weird, some cat owners might love the idea of grooming their cat this way.

An Outdoor Cat Run

While this can be a can be a pricey item, think how much your cat would love being outdoors. This allows them to feel the air, touch the grass, but protects them from running away or predators.

Prevue Pet Sphere

This offers 360 degrees for your cat to claw, pounce, and even play with the dangling tassels. This is a really stunning piece that would add style to your home and give your cat a fun place to play and exercise.

Give your cat their own Cardboard Cat Scratcher Couch!

It is a couch that is made of cardboard that is safe for your cat to mark their territory and groom their nails! In time it will need to be tossed out and replaced, but it is pretty affordable and darn cute.

Crazy Circle Interactive Toy

A toy that is great for providing your cat hours of endless fun. As they paw at the ball it instantly moves around the circle frame, so it will keep them intrigued for trying to get the ball.

What are your favorite cat accessories?

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