Best Dogs For Cats That Seem To Like And Get Along With Each Other

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Did you know some breeds of dogs do seem to get along with cats and like them overall? I wanted to share the best dogs for cats in case you are considering adding a pet or two to your home. Whether you are on the hunt for a cat or maybe even a dog, this might help you to know if the two will have a good chance of getting along. Every dog and cat have their own personality but these breeds of dogs below generally get along and even like cats in some cases.

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The Best Dogs for Cats

Growing up we always had a dog or two and cats. It wasn’t something that we ever had issues with, we slowly introduced the two and they became friends or tolerated each other. We would have indoor interaction with the cats and the dogs and never had fights or disagreements that couldn’t get resolved. You could tell the two were friends. We always got animals from the humane society, so none of our animals were pure-breeds, but it can give you hope that no matter what the breed is there is a chance they might get along together.

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #DogandCats best dogs for cats


This breed is very well known because they are nice and gentle, calm, and a great family dog. They are nice miniature dogs that make a perfect family pet. The only issues is, your cat needs to be nice to the pup as they are so small they could easily get bullied by the cat.

German Shepards

This breed is exceptional with cats because they are such a smart dog that can be trained relatively easily. German Shepards are very loyal and if they become friends with a cat they can be protective.

Labrador Retriever

Playful and fun is what you find in Labrador Retrievers, and they tend to tolerate cats pretty well! They are very loving and loyal companions who can definitely be one of the best dogs for cats.


No matter what the size, poodles are a very friendly breed. If you start them out with kittens they can really form a strong bond between the two.


Pugs love attention and if you make sure to share your time, they can adapt pretty well. The only thing is with this mix is if your cat becomes feisty to the pug, your cat can over-power the pug at times.

Basset Hounds

These dogs are very relaxed and most often nap the day away. They rarely seem to have an issue with cats.


Boxers are a very playful and loving breed. Now if you have an older cat who is mellow it might not be the best mix, as boxers are just off the wall fun, 90% of the time.


Most of the time Dachshunds are pretty docile and mellow to cats. Now if the cat tries picking a fight they might not back down easy. We had a Dachshunds for years and he loved cats, but they didn’t always love him!

Even More Dog Breeds for Companionship

  • Bichon Frise
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  •  Shetland Sheepdog
  • Papillion
  • Newfoundland
  • Labs
  • Great Danes


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