Black and Orange Cats | Known As The Tortoiseshell Cat

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One cat coloring I am fascinated by is the tortoiseshell cat, which are also known as black and orange cats. They are beautiful with their unique markings and can leave owners swooning over them. I wanted to share some facts about the black and orange cats so you can learn more about them if you are considering getting one. These felines are not only beautiful but they have amazing personalities that make it hard to not fall head over heels in love with them.

Black and Orange Cats Known As The Tortoiseshell Cat

 Facts About Black and Orange Cats

Tortoiseshell cats are known for their unique coats and they are called this because they resemble a tortoise shell. Now, this is the coat coloring of the cat, not a breed. It is simply a name to refer to the markings on their fur. Although they are not a breed there are some unique facts about this type of feline.

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Unique Coats

Okay, one thing to know is that black and orange cats will have a variety of coats. There is no set pattern, and that is what makes them all so unique. You won’t find two cats that have the same brindle pattern.

Many Breeds Offer This Style of Coat

You can find many cat breeds that will showcase the black and orange style of coat. No matter the size of cat or length of their fur, you can find these pretty kitties. The Japanese Bobtail and Cornish Rex are two breeds that are very well known for producing this pretty coat.

Predominately Females 

What is so unique is that most black and orange cats are predominately females. They have two of the X chromosomes which offer that unique orange and black coating. You don’t see near as many males that offer this beautiful coat. Conversely, most orange tabby cats are predominately males. It’s so interesting to learn how colorings can be showcased because of their genes.


Torbies is a fun name for a feline that has the markings of a tabby pattern with the unique Tortoiseshell coloring in the coat. These cats are pretty rare but absolutely gorgeous.

Good Luck

If you are superstitious at all, you might like to hear that Tortoiseshell cats are a sign of good luck. Some people refer to them as “money cats” which I find really funny. If you come across one maybe give it a pat and see if good luck comes your way.


One thing I think most cat owners can agree on is the special and loving personalities of tortoiseshell cats. They are fun loving, playful, and special in so many ways. Sometimes these cats can be a little off the wall with energy and then want to relax in your lap getting petted.

 If you have a black and orange cat, let me know about your cat’s personality. Are they playful and fun or more cuddly and love attention?.

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