5 Captivating Black Cat Breeds

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Do you have a desire to own a black cat? If you can appreciate the beauty of a black cat, then you might enjoy learning about the black cat breeds. I will share a variety of black cat breeds for you to swoon over. There used to be a myth that black cats were bad luck but that is far from the truth! Some countries even believed that to have a black cat brought you luck. Whether you think they are good or bad, know they are a cat. Cats don’t bring you luck or bad luck, they just love you, and bring you a wonderful companionship that can’t be topped.

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Instead of running away from these pretty kitties, sit down and get to know one or two. You will see they are just as precious as any other cat, but offer that deep mystical beauty that is mesmerizing. One thing I love about black cats is they tend to have really outstanding eyes. Their eyes stand out next to that dark fur and that just captures my heartstrings.

5 Black Cat Breeds You Might Want

#CrazyCatLady #CatBreeds #BlackCats black cat breeds


Out of all the breeds, this one is my favorite I think! They are also nicknamed “Panther” for their deep black fur and bold colored copper eyes. They have a sheen on their fur that is just gorgeous. These cats are very easy going and playful for the most part, and generally not too shy when it comes to a crowd. They make a wonderful pet.

Cornish Rex

This breed is highly playful and does need a lot of attention. They have a really elegant look to them with a bit shorter and curly hair. They are a unique looking cat, but still a very stunning black cat at that. Where I am from I personally have never seen one, but I think it would be so fun to get to pet one someday!


Now not all Persian cats are black, but you can find a few rare ones that offer that rich black coat. They have shorter legs, long luxurious fur, and have a sweet loving demeanor. This makes it hard to resist loving and petting them. They love to lounge around and look pretty, can be playful, and make a wonderful family friendly pet.


This breed is a pretty little thing. These cats have more of a smooshed and round face, that is one of the most popular breeds of cats right now. They are playful, need some grooming due to their long fur, but they are fun. One minute they might want to lounge in your lap and soak up love, and other times they might find a little sunshine peeking through a window and soak up the warmth.

Scottish Fold

Taylor Swift owns a Scottish Fold and that helped bring this cat to one of the most popular breeds. You can find black Scottish Folds that are just gorgeous. They have impish ears that make them stand out from other breeds and a nice round body. You can find short hair and long hair in this breed, which is very unique. Normally a breed just has either long or short hair.

American Bobtail

The American Bobtail gives you that wild animal look. You would think it was similar to a smaller sized bobcat. These cats offer a pretty unique personality with a distinct sound when they meow and chirp. They are very loyal and loving to their owners. Playful and fun and love lots of attention.


What is your favorite of the black cat breeds?


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