Black Cat Costume From Clothes You Have In Your Closet!

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Halloween is approaching, and since we talk about cats on here, why not toss in a costume for you to consider! Create a black cat costume with clothes from your closet, and buy nothing or just minimal items! This is a great way to dress up for Halloween for parties, trick-or-treating, or just for fun. You can use this costume for kids or adults, and play it more modest to a bit sexier. The choice is yours, and you can rummage through your closet and be able to create a costume in minutes. That is if you are a person who owns some black clothing!

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DIY Black Cat Costume For Halloween

If you don’t have an item or two that is needed, I recommend running to your local thrift store. This is a perfect place for Halloween shopping. Buy a $1 shirt instead of buying brand new unless you are in the market for some new clothes. In that case, then buy new and enjoy using the items all year round!

The beauty of this costume is it is easy, versatile, and the clothing can be re-worn all through the year and no one needs to know it was for a costume. Granted the tail and cat ears might not be for all year round, but everything else is! Although, cat ear headbands are really popular with little kids and teens right now.

#CrazyCatLady #Halloween #BlackCat black cat costume

I will link to items that you can buy if you don’t have any items that will work in your closet as well.

Black Top

Look in your closet for any solid black top. You can do long sleeved, short sleeved, or even a tank top. Just make sure no writing or color besides black is shown.

Black Bottoms

Grab a pair of black leggings or jeans and you are good to go. Or maybe you want to skip the top and bottom and go for a long or even medium length black dress. That will work as well. Just find whatever you can in your closet to piece together a solid black outfit.

Black Shoes

Grab any pair of black shoes from heels to flats, just find what works for you! Or if you have a dark brown pair of shoes, they might work as well. You could very easily even do a flip-flop if it is going to be hot where you live. Again if you don’t have a pair, look at a thrift store for a good priced pair.

Ears and Tail

Cat ears and a tail are going to complete the look. This one I linked to is a set, so it saves money by buying separately. You can either buy a headband that has cat ears or if you consider yourself to be crafty, make a set for yourself!

Cat Eye

Feel free to grab some liquid eyeliner and draw on a smooth cat eye to complete the look.


This fun DIY black cat costume is perfect for an adult or child. Will you be dressing up this Halloween?

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