A Boy and His Cat – Instant Cat Love and a Strong Bond

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A sweet story of the instant connection and the awesome cat love between my son and his cat Whiskers!

The love between a boy and his cat!

A boy and his cat

The Cat Love Bond Between A Boy and His Cat

When we found out we were expecting, we lived in town. My husband grew up on the farm his whole life, and in the same home to top it off. I, on the other hand, ended up moving around the state my whole childhood! We only stayed in one place for a few years and then we moved again, so I never had that consistent childhood like my husband!

When we found out we were pregnant with our son, Clay, my husband had this passion for us to move into the country! It would become our forever home, so Clay can grow up in one spot! We found a perfect home, it will take some maintenance as it is an older country home, but in time we can have it fit us perfectly! We own 20 acres of land, so we have some room to play around outside and go on adventures!

Because we live in the country, we ended up getting 4 cats. Sassy, Whiskers, Ralphy, and sweet little Bella! Having cats on a farm is a great way to prevent mice from getting in your house! As Clay grew, he would love looking out the window and seeing these sweet kitties roaming around! The old owners ended up leaving a cat that wasn’t tame, and we named her Tabasco (we thought she was a boy!).

a boy and his cat

The Strong Connection Between a Boy and His Cat 

When I would take Clay out to go for walks when he was too little to walk, these cats would just follow us everywhere! I would put Clay in the stroller and we would just sightsee! They were so interested in everything Clay and I did! It was so fun getting to play with them, and just watch them follow us! We would walk down the drive and go check the mail on nice days, and Whiskers would hop in the basket of the stroller to take a ride! It was like an instant connection between these two!

My son will turn two in October, and they are still best friends! I love how the other three follow us around, but there is something extra special with Clay and Whiskers! We got the kittens around six to eight weeks old, so they have really grown up being with each other!

A boy and His Cat

No Matter Where We Go Whiskers Follows 

Now that Clay is older and can run and play, Whiskers will go sprawl out in the sandbox, and Clay will just play away! Sometimes Whiskers will paw at him, and it startles Clay and he just laughs and laughs! I truly admire their sweet and pure relationship! Who would have thought of the amazing bond between these two! I am so thankful Clay has such fun kitties to play with!

Plus, Sassy just had some kittens! She had a litter of four, but sadly only two have survived! I will have to snap some pictures and share with you once they are a little older, they are black and just precious as can be!!!

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