Can Cats Get Depressed? Warning Signs to Look For

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Can cats get depressed? The answer is yes, they can. I have a list of warning signs to look for in your cat if you are concerned if they might be depressed. Depression in cats is a lot harder to diagnose because they can’t voice their feelings and emotions to you directly the way a human could. But you can find signs to look for to help nail down the diagnosis.

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatDepression Can cats get depressed

Cats are very sensitive to their surroundings, and what is going on. If someone who is close to the cat passes or a child moves away to college your cat may feel a bit down and out. Even packing up and moving somewhere else can cause your cat to get depressed. But most of the signs of depression could also mean health issues, so it is always best to take your cat to the veterinarian and get checked out. This is a good idea for ruling out any health issues that could be causing your feline to appear depressed.

Have Items to Keep Your Cat Entertained

Sometimes your cat just being lonely during the day, could lead to depression. You need to make sure to have toys on hand or leave the blinds open so they can look out and watch nature.  Perhaps have cat trees or perches available. Making sure these are provided when you are away or not giving them the attention they might desire, is key to keeping a cat nice and happy. When you are home, take time to give your cat love each day. They are like humans and need touch and attention.

Can Cats Get Depressed?  The Answer is Yes!

Again, all of these can be signs of health issues, so make sure to see your vet for a checkup! Express the changes you have noticed and let them do some tests or look them over to eliminate any issues.


#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatDepression Can cats get depressed?

Minimal Appetite

If your cat generally loves to gobble down their food and shows a change in the interest of food, it might be a sign of depression. Most cats beg for their mealtime to roll around or ask for human food and treats. If you find your cat shows minimal interest or isn’t eating as much it could be depression.

 Loss of Interest In Play Time

Not in the mood to play much, and wants to sleep more often? Granted this can be a sign of age or other underlying health issues, but it also can be depression. A once active cat who loved any chance to bat at a mouse or attack feathers flying through the air on a string could mean they are feeling down and out.


Depression can cause a change in your cat’s grooming. They might over-groom or even under-groom. This can leave your cats coat looking dirty or matted if they have long hair. They may develop more of an oily coat, or if they are over-grooming, could develop bald patches from over-licking.

Discontent Vocals

Some cats who are depressed might wander around the house aimlessly having a deeper meow like they are upset. They could do this during the day or night, especially when you are trying to catch up on sleep. Their meow might be a bit deeper instead of a playful meow you might be used to.

Litter Box Issues

Sometimes when cats get depressed they act out or begin to not care. You might see that your cat is having more “accidents” throughout the house. That might not be a random thing, so make sure to look at your cats overall personality. Check the litter box to make sure it is clean and smells good. Cats won’t use their litter box if it is not clean. If the litter box looks good and they are just using the restroom in random spots in the house you might get them checked out at the vet. Rule out any bladder infections and other issues to be safe.


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