Cardboard Cat Furniture – Your Cat Will Thank You!

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If you shop online and get boxes shipped to your house, don’t toss them, create some cardboard cat furniture your cats will adore!! There is something about a cardboard box, that appeals to a cat! They can spend hours hopping in and out of the box, trying to fit their body into the tiny box, and playing peekaboo out of it! Some of these cardboard furniture ideas are amazing, a camper, a play place and more! Be prepared for your socks to be knocked off! Cardboard Cat Furniture

We had one cat growing up named Elizabeth and boy did she love boxes. We had a small shoe box and she would jump in and out of that box non-stop! I always wondered how she could even contort her body to fit! She was a pretty good sized cat, but she always amazed us! If she was determined, she would make it happen!

So enough chitter chatter, let’s jump in and check out these awesome cardboard cat furniture ideas for your sweet cat!

Creative and Unique Cardboard Cat Furniture Ideas

Cardboard Cat Playhouse 

Create this two-story playhouse for your cat to feel like they have finally arrived home! They can move around, hide, nap, or whatever else cats do in a box! Tutorial Here.

Extravagant Kitty Castle

Wow, what a beauty this kitty castle is! She did an amazing job creating it, with a fun little banner, a flag, and more. This is a castle any cat would fall in love with instantly! Tutorial Here.

Cat Hammock Out of Cardboard Box

Cardboard Cat Hammock from One Good Thing by Jillee

Source: One Good Thing by Jillee

Seriously, this is absolutely a genius idea! A little fabric and a cardboard box, and your cat will have their very own hammock! Talk about one spoiled little kitty! Tutorial Here.

Vintage Kitty Camper 

Cardboard Cat Camper by Cuteness

Source: Cuteness

Okay, everyone, you have to see this one! This is a vintage kitty camper that is sure to be amazing for you and your cat! I mean seriously, I want a life size one so I can go and play! Tutorial Here.

Cat Tent 

This one is quite neat. You use an old shirt, hangers and then cardboard to create a fun tent for your cat to pop in and out of! Tutorial Here.

 Cardboard Cat Furniture Castle 

Another great way to treat your cat like the queen or king they are! Make this fun cardboard cat castle in a flash! Tutorial Here.

Kitty Playplace 

Cardboard Furniture for Cats

Source: Cuteness

This one is so fun, they really went to town on creating a perfect place for your feline to play in. It has toys hanging from the top and scratch pads on the side. What more could your cat want?! Tutorial Here.

Home Sweet Home 

Create a one story house, and even add some fun windows and opening for your cat to call home! They even painted on their cat’s name to personalize it! Tutorial Here.

Amazing Home Fit for A Queen

This one is really cool as well, they even painted the box to make it feel even homier! Added some windows, decorations to dress it up and more. Tutorial Here.

This is a great way to recycle cardboard boxes that are just cluttering up your trash can! Create a safe haven for your cat, so they can feel like the queen or king they truly are!

Here’s more cat furniture ideas for you:

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