Cat Allergens | The Top Ways To Help Reduce Your Cat Allergens Today

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Many people have cat allergens and over time you can build up a tolerance or learn to manage your symptoms you experience. There are ways that you can reduce cat allergens in the home, whether it be for you, a family member, or even guests that come into your home. Let me share these must follow cat allergen reducers to let your home offer a clean atmosphere. You might find these essential steps can help you live a more content lifestyle, and allow you to keep the cat instead of saying adios!


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Reducing Cat Allergens Can Help Those Allergic to Cats

If you have a mild reaction to cats, it could be just a few minor adjustments are needed to live a regular lifestyle. While it is not the cat fur that makes you feel itchy or sneezy, it is truly the dander. Tiny flakes that are by the skin that work their way through the cat hair, and then fall throughout the home. Cat dander can play a big part in being allergic to a cat.

Cat allergens have to be airborne, and then you breathe them in. Or if you have your cat lay on your bedding and you go and plop your head on the pillow, it can release the dander and you can essential breathe it in and then begin to feel allergies kicking in. Now if you are highly allergic these tips and tricks will not work. These steps below are recommended to help reduce cat allergies if you only struggle minor with them.

Steps to Reduce Cat Allergens In The Home

#CrazyCatLady #CatAllergens #CatCare cat allergens


Try to make your bedrooms off limits. Keep your cat off your bedding and anything in your room, so you have less of a chance of having allergens in your room. Try and keep your bedroom door shut as well to keep your furry feline out. Having a little break at night can offer tremendous relief. Aim to wash all bedding in at least 140-degree water at least twice a month, to get rid of dust mites. You can wash other garments as well at this temperature, like cat bedding, etc.

Clean Your Cat

Allerpet is a liquid you can use when you clean your cat to help reduce the chance of allergens to get into the air. Many cat owners have found great success with helping reduce allergy symptoms after using this product.

Vacuum Cleaner

Invest in a HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner and use it to clean all areas of your home. Floors, furniture, any walls, stairs, that you can reach. Making sure you vacuum often and with a really nice quality vacuum will really help. Make sure to do a good job as cat dander and other particles are very small and you want to make sure you get it.

Clean Your Home

Make sure you clean your home regularly. Consider cleaning the cat bedding, furniture, flooring, counters, etc often. All surfaces are at risk for having cat allergens around. The more you clean the fresher your home will be.

Air Purifier

You can buy air purifiers that you can place in your home. Whether in your living room, bedroom or in a variety of rooms it can help clean your air. This can be a huge help in picking up anything that is in the air that you didn’t get when you cleaned your home.

Wash Hands

Make sure anytime you come into contact with your feline you wash your hands really well. This will help you from transferring any allergens onto your skin or clothing. Wash your hands often and try not to touch your face.

By following these simple steps you might find you see a reduction in symptoms. It might take a little time before you see results, but these steps can help limit the chance of having to rehome your cat.

What tips do you have to help reduce cat allergens?

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