Learn the Art of Cat Calming When You Travel

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Cat calming can come in very handy when you’re traveling. Did you know that cats normally hate car rides?

The most common travel we do with our cats is to take them to the vet. It is safe to say that this gives our cats anxiety as well as us. It is so hard to see them so anxious and stressed, and they have no idea what is going on. I have found some effective cat calming methods to keep your cat’s anxiety level down when you travel. Whether you are planning your next vet trip or a trip to go see family and friends, these tips might help your cat travel a little easier.

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We just took our cats in for their annual shots and then we got the two girls fixed. It was a bit of a scary week here. We had found a skunk in our yard, and it turns out after testing that it did indeed have rabies. That has been a bit of a process but thankfully all the cats seem to be doing just fine. We just have to keep a pretty close eye on them over the next month.

Loading up the cats up to go to the vet was a chore for sure. They fought getting into the pet carrier and then you could see on their faces how terrified they were. They were crying so hard to be let out. This is one of the first times any of these cats have been for a car ride other than when we first brought them home. With a little bit of cat calming, they finally calmed down and were not so stressed. I am glad they are all home and that this week is behind us. Follow these tips below to try and make things a bit easier for your cat like we did for ours!

Cat Calming Methods to Help Keep Your Cat Cool When You Take Them For A Car Ride

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Pet Carrier

When your cat sees the pet carrier, they probably instantly think of a trip in the car to the vet and panic. The first cat calming tip is to try to familiarize your cat with the carrier. Have the carrier out ahead of time to let your cat go in and out to sniff and inspect. Lay down a pillow or a shirt of yours so they know the scent, and let them try to get comfortable. Then when you travel they won’t be as scared to crawl in.

 Talk to Your Cat

In a calm and reassuring voice make sure to randomly talk to your cat throughout the ride. Let them know you are not gone and that they will be okay. This can help a lot so they don’t feel alone or abandoned.

Touch Them

If possible stick your hand or even a few fingers in through the door and pet your cat as you are traveling. Just them feeling your touch can really help reassure them along the way.

Stay In Visual Sight

Make sure to place the cat carrier where your cat can still see you. This can help your feline so much, just being able to look at you and see that you are still there and didn’t leave or that they are alone.

Calming Chews

I picked up some of these Calming Chews and it seemed to help mellow our cats out. They are bite size treats that have naturally derived ingredients that can help relax and calm your cat. You simply give them a treat around 30 minutes before you plan to leave, so it has time to work.

What have you found that works to keep your cat calm when you travel? 

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