Cat Christmas Outfit Ideas That Will Get You In The Spirit

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Everyone knows that ugly sweaters and Santa hats are a part of Christmas, so this year why not include a cat Christmas outfit? I have created a list of some holiday-inspired Christmas cat costumes to include your cat in the family photos or dress them up for your upcoming holiday party. No family member gets left behind this year.

cat Christmas outfit

Seeing your cat all dressed up in a Santa hat and elf costume might be the highlight of the entire year. Nothing is cuter than a cat Christmas outfit! Order a costume or two, snap some pictures and post on social media and watch friends and family swoon over the adorableness. One year we put reindeer ears on our dog, Ruger. He was less than impressed, but boy did it make a great Christmas card!

Cats in costumes all have one thing in common. They look as though they are planning your demise! But as a cat owner, we sometimes can’t resist an adorable tiny cat Christmas outfit that just screams your cat’s name. Regardless of how our cats feel we can’t help but dress them up even if it is for five minutes, just to see the cuteness overload they exude. So if you are like me and love to see your sweet kitty cats in costumes, buy some of these affordable costumes and share the love!

Find that Cat Christmas Outfit You Need Here!

cat Christmas outfit

Turn your sweet little kitty into one of Santa’s helpers with this Elf Costume! It secures around your cat’s neck with velcro, and is very festive and fun!

cat Christmas outfitIf your cat won’t wear a full costume, try these fun antlers. It reminds me of the movie The Grinch, the little dog that puts on the antlers to help steal presents.

cat Christmas outfit

Snag this holiday hat and cloak costume for your cat to wear. It secures with velcro so you can put it on and remove it easily. Your cat will look like a queen in this festive costume.

cat Christmas outfit

Baby, it’s cold outside, or so it will appear with this hat and scarf costume. This does have an adjustable chin strap to help it stay secure on your cat’s head.

cat Christmas outfitHosting an ugly sweater party? Don’t leave your sweet cat out, buy them an ugly sweater outfit as well.

cat Christmas outfitHo Ho Ho! Turn your feline into Santa with one simple hat that has a beard attached. I can’t get over the cuteness level here!

Do you tend to dress your cat up for any holidays? If so which ones?

Here are some Halloween cat costume ideas for you!

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