Cat Claw Care Tips Every Owner Needs To Know

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Cat claws are nice and sharp, they can tear apart prey, attack curtains and drapes like no other. If you have a cat who tends to scratch and claw around, you might want to learn some common cat claw care tips to trim your cat’s claws. You might shudder at the thought of trimming your cat’s nails, and I totally understand. Breathe deep, be patient and begin working on your cat’s claws today.

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Below you will find why trimming your cat claws is a must, cat claw tools that help, and more. Owning a cat takes a good amount of responsibility and this is one area you should not overlook.

Why Should You Trim Your Cat’s Claws

If you allow your cat’s claws get too long, they are more prone to getting an infection. It can also hurt your cat’s feet if they are too long and can make your cat walk awkwardly. Most of the time with cat scratchers they can trim their own nails rather well. But on occasion, you might find your cat begins having their nails get a little too long. If you feel like you are unable to trim your cat’s claws, you can take them to the pet store or even the vet and let them handle it.

 Tools for Cat Claw Care

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatClaws cat claw care tips

There are many tools on the market that you can purchase to help make the process of trimming your cat’s nails a little bit easier. These are some tools that I recommend!

Here are some nail clippers that are great for getting a nice clean cut, and are very easy to use. Because they are in the shape of scissors it makes it easy for you to clip away.  This pair of nail clippers is great for small cats and dogs, so if you have multiple animals this is a great tool that works for both.

If your cat is pretty mellow you might consider a grinder. Some cat’s freak out over the sound while others find this is a quick and easy way to trim your cat’s nails.

This is the set of nail clippers we use on our dog. We bought them years ago and they still are great today! We have only used them on dogs so I can’t vouch for cats but I can say this is a really nice pair to purchase.

 Tips For Success To Trimming Cat Claws

The best word of advice is to start early on. If you bring home a kitten start working with their claws early on so they can get used to it. You can start with trimming with clippers or grab an emery board and work at filing your cat’s claws.

Play with their feet whenever you can to get them used to having their paws and claws touched often. This won’t make them as alarmed when you go reaching for their feet.

Distract your cat by a fun cat video they could watch, feed them treats, or find some way to distract them as you work on their paws.

Most of all try and find all the patience you can. Know that the first time or two it can be rough, but the more you work with them, the better it will get.

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