Cat Concussions? What You Need To Know

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I think we all know the old wives tale of cats having nine lives. But the truth is our furry felines can, in fact, get seriously hurt. While they may be pretty resilient all around, cats still need to be aware of their surroundings. So can cats get concussions just like humans? The answer is yes! Cat concussions are more common than you think, you just might have overlooked it in the past. Cats tend to live on the wild side, and of course small ledges. They fall often and sometimes get hurt, and need us to notice and care for them.

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Are There Really Cat Concussions?

I personally have not seen this in a cat, but my husband’s grandpa was a vet, and he would see this on occasion. Cats are curious by nature and take the risk to get up high and then accidentally lose balance and fall. In most cases, the cats he saw had a full recovery with no lasting effects.

You cat could be running full speed and hit a wall and cause a concussion. Another cause can be falling from a high perch and hitting the ground. Even abuse from owners can be enough to cause cat concussions. Cats are small and gentle creatures who indeed can get seriously hurt if they are not careful.

Symptoms Of Cat Concussions

  • Irregular posture
  • Involuntary eye movement
  • Seizure
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Nose or ear bleeding
  • Bleeding in eye
  • Different size pupils
  • Abnormal bleeding

What To Do If You Think You Cat Has A Concussion

#CrazyCatLady #CatConcussions #CatCare cat concussions

First, never wait! Head right in to get your poor kitty checked out ASAP. Don’t wait for an appointment, count it as an emergency. Cats are at risk for secondary injuries if you let them go too long before getting seen. Meaning they could get hurt again because they are being clumsy from the concussion. If your cat is badly hurt, you don’t want to risk losing your cat by waiting to take them to the vet.

Treatment Options For Concussions In Cats

Once the vet sees your cat has a concussion they will then develop a plan. Most of the time medications are given along with IV fluids. Generally, your cat is kept for monitoring to ensure they are doing okay and no changes have happened. It can take days to weeks to see improvement in the cat depending on the severity. Although, depending on where you live and treatment options your vet might offer other avenues of treatment.

At the end of the day just watch your cat and be aware. Know what to look for and try to prevent any accidents that you can. Head trauma in cats is serious.

Has your cat ever had a concussion?

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