Purrfect Cat Hair Removal Hacks for All Cat Owners

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We all love cat hacks, don’t we? Today I am gonna share some cat hair removal hacks! These hacks are ways to remove that unwanted cat hair from your clothing, furniture, carpet and more! No more stepping outside to head off to work, and looking down to see your black jeans are white, from all the cat hair that is stuck to them!

I love petting our cats, but boy I hate walking away being literally covered in hair. It seems like all of our cats shed year round! Even when they walk up and brush up against our legs, there is instant cat hair stuck to our jeans. Since our cats stay outside mostly, we don’t have to worry about it being on our furniture, carpet, and other areas of the home. But sometimes, they come in, and when they do, I have to be prepared for the aftermath!Purrfect Cat Hair Removal Hacks for All Cat Lovers

Quick and Easy Cat Hair Removal Tips and Tricks

If you are a cat parent, then you might enjoy these cat hair removal hacks, to simplify your life just a bit! I know they have worked wonders for us over the years, and I know they can do the same for you too! Sometimes a lint roller isn’t enough, and you want an extra step!

Cat Hair Stuck in Velcro

If you have cat hair that has stuck in Velcro, you’ll need this cat hair removal trick! Grab a needle and thread. This is a little time consuming, but you can go up and down in a line, and it will pull out the cat hair in the velcro pretty easily!

Pre-Dry Dirty Clothes

If you have an item or two of clothing that are extra furry, try this route! Simply toss your dirty clothes in the dryer for around ten minutes (on heat free cycle) with a dryer sheet, before you wash them. It will help remove the fur, and then you can toss in the washer after. It will help remove most or all of the cat hair, and won’t clog your washer.

Car Upholstery

Pumice Stone Cat Hair Clean Up

You take your cat for a ride and when they get out of the car, you realize your back seat is covered in hair! You can take a pumice stone and rub it along the vehicle’s carpet to pull up the cat hair so much easier! Then you can pick it up or vacuum it up easier.

Damp Sponge

Get a sponge damp, that has a rough side, and use that to rub along your clothes or furniture to draw up any pet hair. This works great like a lint roller at removing any pet hair from your clothes or furniture!


You can use a squeegee to rub along the carpet, upholstery, clothing, and any other surface. It works great at pulling up cat hair, and then you can ball it up and toss in the trash!

Liquid Fabric Softener + Vacuuming

Remove Cat Hair Easily

If you have carpet and are getting ready to vacuum, do this hack ahead of time! Take some softener for laundry, and pour into a spray bottle (I like the Downy Softener) and spray it onto the carpet. It will help soften the fibers in cat hair, and make it easier to vacuum up!

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets make cat hair clean up a breeze

Attach a dryer sheet to a Swiffer or just use your hand, and run it over the floors, furniture to pull up the cat hair easier. It will cling to the dryer sheet, and make cleanup a breeze.

Textured Rubber Glove

Take a damp rubber glove to rub around on your clothes, carpet, furniture to pull up cat hair easily! Works on all different types of surfaces and is pretty effective! Any rubber glove will do, I buy the yellow gloves for doing dishes! Don’t have gloves, just wet your hands and run over the area where the fur is, and it will help lift it up easier and stick to your hands.

What is the best way you have found to get rid of cat hair on your household items? 

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