Why Is Cat Playtime So Important To Kitten And Adult Cats

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Bringing home a new kitten, it is always fun to sit down and have some cat playtime throughout the day. Watching them bat at the little puff ball floating through the air, and more is entertaining for you and your kitten. But is cat playtime important as your kitten grows older? Yes! You should never stop making playtime a priority for your cat, and I will share why below! Just compare a cat to a growing child, it would be hard to one day stop playing with your child, it would leave them sad and confused. So don’t stop playing with your furry feline as well. #CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatPlaytime cat playtime

Sitting down and playing with your cat or kitten is a great way to interact with them, but also have exercised for the day, and it leaves them feeling content and satisfied. Unlike humans, they can’t express if they are having a bad day or struggling, so having that release of a good time whether it be chasing a laser, messing with a string, or more.

Cat Playtime and The Reason Why You Need To Do It Each Day

Did you know that offering regular playtime to your cat is a great way to offer a physical and mental outlet? They are able to exercise but also showcase their natural abilities to stalk, attack, and catch prey (aka their toy). This is a great way to allow them to use their natural abilities to feel like they are secure in surviving.

Playtime also helps your cat stay slim and reduces the risk of him/her becoming obese. Cats are lazy at times and want to lounge, so giving them a reason to get up and get active is key. Plus obesity can be really hard on their little bodies and has been proven to reduce their life spans, so get up and get active.

What to Play With Your Cat

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatPlaytime cat playtime

Buy a variety of toys or get creative in making toys. From old strings with feathers tied on you can wave around to lasers to move across the floor. Even an old box can offer a fun playtime experience for your cat. You just have to find what type of play toys your cat likes so that you can maximize the time.

Try to play with your cat each day for at least 15 minutes or so. This will help them in getting into the routine of playing. If you can’t every day try to aim for every other day of play time.

Making time for your cat isn’t always a priority, but remember this playtime will also benefit you as well. From reducing your stress, bonding more with your cat, and even keeping your brain active.

So what are you waiting for? Go play!


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