Varying Cat Thoughts Each and Every Day

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I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say…. cats have a ton of varying thoughts throughout the day. If you’ve ever been sitting on the couch and watching your little furry friend sitting next to you, you may wonder exactly what they are thinking. And more than likely, they are having a lot of thoughts going through their minds. So, how many thoughts does a cat have in a day? Many, my friends…many.

Do you ever wonder the cat thoughts from your furry feline friend? Cats have so many thoughts and emotions each and every day! #imacrazycatlady #catthoughts #catlife

How Many Thoughts Does a Cat Have In a Day?

I like to think that a cat’s emotions are like my own personal emotions…and boy, do I have emotions. Those emotions are then tied to thoughts, which most times lead to actions.

  • Feisty thoughts

You know that a cat is full of feisty thoughts, right? This is why they chase things, hide things, jump up on the highest shelves possible or try to hide under objects and swipe at your toes when you walk by.

  • Happy thoughts

Hello, catnip. While cats can be happy without it, the addition of catnip is almost certain to bring happy thoughts to your furry little pet.

  • Mad thoughts

Cats can plot…I truly believe this! There have been times when something happened in the morning that angered my cat, and low and behold five hours later, I feel like she was “getting me back” but just waiting for the perfect time to do so. They say that elephants have great memories…I think that cats may have a better one.

  • Playful thoughts

If a cat wants to play, you have to be ready to play. Grab a laser light, a string, or their favorite toy and have fun interacting with them until they no longer want to interact.

  • “Feed Me” thoughts

Cat’s like to eat…and sometimes a lot. I’m always amazed at just how many times my cat will head over to the food bowl to chow down, but if a girls gotta eat, a girls gotta eat!

  • Sleepy thoughts

How many hours a day does your cat sleep? No lie…My cat has actually been sitting next to me on the couch and dozed off while having her head still head high. In those times, she’s seriously like my little mini-me.

  • Sunlight thoughts

In my opinion, a cat spends the majority of their day looking for sunlight to lay in. And I totally get it. It’s comforting,  warm and so calming. I’m going to implement this thought into my daily thoughts as well.

  • Loving thoughts

Believe it or not, you are the most important thing in the world to your cat. I like to think that my cat is more than likely sitting around and thinking about how much they love me…Hey, it could be true?!

No matter the personality of your cat, have fun watching and trying to figure them out. Cats are amazing pets and animals that are full of so much adorable energy and attitude!

Do you think that your cat has other thoughts on a daily basis?







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