What Does Cat Trilling Mean | How is Trilling Different From Meowing?

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You might wonder what the difference between cat trilling and a basic meow is. Cats communicate through their purrs, trills, and even chatter. If you really get to know your cat you will begin to understand the differences in sounds when they want something, are trying to tell you something and just want to be chatty. Trilling can be a little different, and some cats will do it more than others, and I wanted to help give you an idea of what it is and how cat trilling is different from meowing.

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What Cat Trilling Sounds Like

Have you ever heard your cat make a chirping sound? That is a way that cats communicate with their kittens or even siblings. You might hear a high squeaky noise or even a long high pitched sound. Trills are more of a lower tone and some cats can be higher tones, of a “rrroooowe” sound. While each cat offers a unique sound, you notice it as it sounds a lot different than a basic meow.

What Does Cat Trilling Mean

Scientists did studies on the brain areas that are associated with the different sounds cats make, to see if we can understand our cats. It turns out most cat owners can truly understand what their cat is vocalizing. Cat trills are a great sound to hear, as they are talking to you. It is a call they use to communicate with their cat siblings or kittens. Therefore, when you hear a cat trilling to you it is a wonderful sign they see you as the family.

How Cat Trilling is Different from Meowing

#CrazyCatLady #cattrilling #catcare cat trilling

Cat trilling is a noise your cat makes when their mouths are closed. It normally means something positive to you or another animal in your home. Whereas a cat meowing can mean a multitude of things from good and bad. Cats meow to vocalize, to tell you to stay away or to ask for something like a treat or food. Cat trilling is a sign of positive connections between the cat and the other party whether it be the human or another animal.

When you cat is trilling at you they want your attention and all of it. If your cat is trilling and begins to walk away and turns to look at you, they generally want you to get up and follow them. This is a form of wanting to show you something. Now, this might be that they are out of water or hungry, or it could mean they just want you to play follow the leader around the home.

Your cat may also use trilling to tell you they are hurt or sick

Sometimes though, trilling can happen if your cat is hurt or sick. If you find your cat begins to trill a lot more or doesn’t seem to stop trilling you might need to take them in to get seen. This can mean there is an underlying issue that needs to get looked at.


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