Studies Show Cat Videos Are Good For The Soul

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A study was done a while back with around 7,000 people total. Only 36% of the group considered themselves as a cat person. The organizers of the study turned on some cat videos and let everyone watch and gauge how they felt afterward. It was pretty spectacular to see that so many felt happier, less stressed, and more positive after watching cats be cute and adorable.

#CrazyCatLady #CatAreGoodForYou #CatStudy cat videos

Watching the fun and light-hearted cat videos can really be good for your soul. Most of the people who were a part of the study really found entertainment and pleasure from those furry felines. They also found that those who seemed shy were more likely to watch cat videos which I found pretty interesting.

We live in such a fast-paced world, with a lot of crime and hate at times. Why not take some time out of your day and watch some lighthearted cat videos to help lighten things up and brighten your day. You might be just like one of the people in the study who found that watching cats online will bring joy to your day! It is a free source of entertainment, and you can’t beat that.

Some Awesome Cat Videos To Watch

#CrazyCatLady #CatAreGoodForYou #CatStudy cat videos

 10 Minutes of fun and laughter is what you will find in this cat video. They compiled some really funny cat moments to give you a few laughs!

Your heart will melt at these adorable and fun videos of cats and kittens. These will tug at your heartstrings for sure at the cuteness overload you are about to see.

  More fun cat videos of silly things that cats do. I wonder what they think as they attack water from the sink or jump and miss their landings!
With over 11 million views this cat vs balloons video will leave you smiling ear to ear, I guarantee it! Who wins, the balloons or the cat? Watch to find out.
Cucumbers VS Cats was a really big thing in 2018. Check out all these videos of cats being a bit startled by a simple cucumber laying around.
I truly think cats bring so much light and laughter to a home. Don’t get me wrong I love dogs as well, but cats bring something extra special to the table. I have never met two cats that are similar in personality. I love seeing how unique and different each cat I come across is. From silly quirks to loving and cuddly personalities.
So next time you come across a video on Facebook of a cat being cute or silly, take the time to watch it. Or if your friend owns a cat, sit with it and give it a little pet, and see if you feel your heart growing bigger as it is full of love!
Do you think cat videos do make you happier?
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