All Cats Deserve To Be Pampered

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How many time have you had a stressful day and just thought that you needed to pamper yourself and get a massage? If you’re anything like me, this thought happens quite often.

BUT…did you know that animals can feel stressed and anxious as well? It’s true! And honestly, cats are one of those animals that deserve to be pampered as well!

All Cats Deserve To Be Pampered

As you can tell from the video below, this cat is not only being pampered, it’s loving life. (and can you blame the kitty? This looks awesome!)

I’m only assuming this isn’t on the market yet for humans (if so, I’ll take two please) so I need to find this asap for my cat. She would seriously go crazy for this. In fact, it would probably replace her catnip, 100%.


What do you think? Pretty relaxing, right?

Would you buy this and use it to pamper and massage your cat?

This is one tool that I don’t think my cat would fight!

What do you use to pamper your cat?


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