7 Reasons Cats Poop Outside of Their Litter Box

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Is your sweet kitty leaving you poop piles all over the house instead of hitting the litter box? Potty problems can be a common problem for the many cat lovers of the world. Don’t worry; there are some straightforward things you can do to try to narrow down what the issue is. Your cat probably has a logical explanation why he or she is doing this and is trying to drop you some hints. Unfortunately, those hints equal poop on the floor! Take a look at this list of possible reasons why cats poop outside the litter box.  Don’t despair, your cat will be back to normal in no time!


cats poop outside the litter box

The 7 Main Reasons Cats Poop Outside The Litter Box

No matter what, you want to make sure to be patient with your cat. If you are stressed out over this issue, your cat may pick up on that, and it could make he or she stressed too. Hang in there; kitty will get this all figured out with a little help from you.

Learn the Reasons for Your Cat’s Poop Issues 

cats poop outside the litter box

Medical Concerns or Illness 

It is essential to rule this one out right away. Does your kitty seem to be in pain when she defecates? Are her stools unusually hard or extry runny? If so, you should take her to the vet and get her thoroughly checked out to make sure no underlying medical issues are causing this.

Box Needs To be Cleaned More Often

Cats love to be clean, and it stands to reason that they would want their litter box to be immaculate. Make sure you clean it every single day. There may even be some days when you need to make sure to clean it twice. Humans don’t like to be in unsanitary environments, and that is how cats are as well.


Have there been any significant reasons for your cat to have some stress? Did you get a new animal? Or maybe you changed jobs, and your schedule is different. It could even be that you aren’t home as much as you used to be. Also having a baby,  moving to a new house or stormy weather can give your cat anxiety.

Needing Multiple Litter Boxes

Did you realize that you should always have at least one litter box for each cat? In addition to that, you should have an extra one. Some cats like to urinate in one and poop in the other. Plus, it gives each cat their own space. Don’t worry if they use all of them because it is impossible to assign them a particular box.

Accessibility Difficulties

Is your cat older and have soreness that doesn’t allow them to get into the box easily? If kitty has pain, then it is possible that in her mind it may not be worth to climb in. You should consider getting a box that has low sides and more comfortable to get in and out of. Additionally, if the cat hits the sides of the box it may cause additional pain as well. Make sure the box is plenty big to avoid this.

Location Is Everything

Where is the litter box located? Is it in a high traffic area? You want to make sure you place the box in a quiet area of the home that is easy to access. Also, make sure that wherever you put the litter box, it is away from their food and water. They don’t want to eat and drink in the same area they use the restroom.

Litter Sensitivity

It is entirely possible that the litter you use has caused some allergy issues for your cat. It can happen no matter how old or young your cat is. If you notice symptoms, like sneezing, watery eyes or coughing this very well, could be the issue. If your cat has long hair, it is also possible that the litter gets stuck to the hair on her butt after she poops. She may not like that, and it may irritate her sensitive areas. Keeping her trimmed up will prevent this issue from occurring.

I hope these ideas give you some insight on what can affect your cat and why cats poop outside the litter box.



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