How To Choose The Best Cat Sitter When You Are Away From Home

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If you have a trip coming up and you can’t bring your cat along, you might be on the hunt for a cat sitter. But how do you find one? I am going to break down how you can easily find a cat sitter that is a professional or even a friend that will help ease your mind while you are away. There are different types of cat sitters available, so you can find the perfect one to meet your specific needs. When you feel confident with your sitter, you will feel more at ease in leaving your cat at home!

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Generally, when we would leave for trips we would ask a family member to feed, water, and check on our cats. Some people don’t have the luxury of family living close, and that is when cat sitters come in handy. Hiring a professional can help ensure they are qualified to tend to your cat in case they get sick while you are away. They are trained to know what to look for to help watch over pets safely.

How to Find A Cat Sitter

The best way to start is asking for referrals. You can talk to friends and family and see if anyone used a specific sitter and what their experience was. Referrals are a great starting point.

Or go online to Pet Sitter International and see what is available in your area. and are two other sites to find a cat sitter.


Once you are interested in a cat sitter, do an interview with them to get to know more. Whether they come to your home and you see how they interact with your cat, or you initially do a phone call. Get a feel if you connect with them.

Important Topics to Talk About

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Ask what type of training or certificate they have received. Do they know first aid, and would they be able to get your cat to the vet if an emergency arises?


If they have been a sitter for awhile ask for references. Ensure you take the time to call and hear what they have to say about the sitter:

What Type Of Pets Do They Sit For

Most sitters watch a variety of pets. See if they more often watch cats or maybe they watch dogs a bit more than others. It can help you see if you think they will tend to your cat correctly.


Will they tend to the litter box, stay overnight, etc. Ask if they have a list of their services, so you know exactly what you are getting. Will they come once a day, or morning and night?  Do you have the option for them to stay at your house? Find a cat sitter that fits your exact needs.

Set Up a Meeting

Now if you let them come over with your first initial interview than skip this step. If you didn’t then set up a meeting so your cat can meet the potential pet sitter and you can meet as well. See if you connect and get a good vibe from them as well as your cat.

Contracts Are Important

Once you pick a cat sitter to make sure a contract is drawn up. Include the price, the days you will need them and the services they are going to provide.  A contract is a great way to protect yourself in case any issues were to happen.

Write a List Before You Go

Take the time to write out any special notes about your cat. If they are on medications, not the times and dosages for each. Include how much food to give, where supplies are to clean litter box, etc. This is a big help for the pet sitter and for you to ensure they know all the things to do.

Hiring a pet sitter can be scary, but when you find one you feel comfortable with they can become a huge blessing when you are away.

Have you used a pet sitter before? What was your experience like?

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