Why I am Classifying Myself As A Crazy Cat Lady And Why You Should

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 A crazy cat lady is generally thought of as a person who sits on her porch with 99 cats and she’s contemplating getting just one more. While I don’t have 99 cats nor am I sitting on the porch with them at the moment, I am still considering myself a crazy cat lady, and I am not ashamed! At one time we had 6 cats, and when I would tell people that, their eyes would bulge a little. You could see their “crazy cat lady” thoughts!

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It’s Okay to Call Me A Crazy Cat Lady

At first, I was scared to say 6 cats because I knew the looks I would get. But then it hit me, I am proud! I took a completely wild cat that was left at this country home and tried for around a year or more to let her know I was just here to show her love and kindness. It took a really long time but one day she finally let me pet her when I was putting food out for her. From that first pet on her greasy fur, she knew she had been missing affection for so long. Tabasco is what we called her, we originally thought she was a male Siamese cat, hence the manly name. She was the toughest cat because she fought to live with other animals from badgers, coyotes, raccoons and everything else out here. And boy she was a beauty, I still miss that sweet cat. I am not sure how old she was, but I do know the people had her for quite a few years.

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatLover crazy cat lady

Perception is Changing

Years ago the idea of a crazy cat lady was a lot different than present day. Now, many people are embracing their love for cats and are loving it. They are rocking cat lady shirts, putting decals on their car, using a cat mug to drink their coffee. Cats are everywhere and most people are loving it!

So if you love your cats don’t be afraid to admit it! Not everyone loves cats but the ones who don’t might have some mental issues! Cats are so loyal and loving it makes no sense when people don’t like them!

Mind Readers

We are pretty much mind readers if you stop and think about it. A guest comes over, sits down, and your cat starts meowing. You probably know shortly after your cat might just want to be petted or maybe they are asking to eat. With a simple look, sound of meow, you know your cat’s needs. To me, that’s pretty amazing and almost classifies you as a mind reader, in my books at least. I bet your guest had no idea what your cat was asking for.

Learn A Lot

For me personally, sharing tips and facts about cats has really opened my eyes. Cats are truly so keen and magical. The way they react to situations, the body language they display to share how they are feeling. I have learned so much about cats it makes me feel like I can connect more when I see a cat. Anyone learn about cats and then feel that way?

Create A Family

One of the best parts of owning a cat is you create that family bond. You take this cat and let them feel unconditional love, pamper them with treats, and just give them attention and that’s all they really want. The cat becomes your family and you become the whole world to your cat. Nothing is better than that feeling.

So don’t be ashamed to say you’re a crazy cat lady, or share how many cats you own! Be you, because anyone who loves cats is pretty awesome in my books!

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