Common Cat Behavior Problems And How To Fix Them

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Felines are a part of the family in most households. When you bring your new cat home, you become attached and love them for all that they are. Similar to a crazy toddler, cats have behavior problems from time to time that will need to be worked on. Let’s discuss some common cat behavior problems and how you can fix them. I will share simple solutions to help cure that stress headache caused by your cat acting out. With a little work and rules, you can overcome these cat behavior problems.

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First of all, any cat owner needs to be aware that sometimes those new cat behaviors could be an underlying issue in their health. Because of this, it is always a good thing to take your cat in to be seen by the vet just to be safe.

Cat Behavior Problems You Might Be Experiencing

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatBehaviorIssues cat behavior problems

 Going to the bathroom in other areas of the home besides their litter box

If your cat begins doing this, know you are not alone. This can be caused by a handful of reasons. The first thing is to get them checked to make sure they are having no issues with a bladder infection. Next is to make sure you are keeping their litter box nice and tidy. Cats like clean and if their box isn’t clean they will not use it. Also, make sure the litter box is where they can get to it easily. You can even go about testing out a new type of litter and see if that gets them interested.

Does your cat wake you up at night?

Cats stay up at night by nature at times, and sometimes they have a reason behind it. Maybe they are sneaking into your room to wake you to play.

Inappropriate scratching

At times they might sink their claws into the furniture, a nice area rug or the carpet, leaving it shredded. A lot of times cats need to burn off energy, and scratching can be a way to do so.  Or your cat may be trying to get your attention. Buy a scratching post and place it near the areas where your cat is notorious for scratching. Trim down their claws to make them not as sharp. You can also buy caps to put over their nails if you can’t keep them from scratching.

Biting and scratching while playing

Sometimes cats don’t realize they are playing aggressively. Try using toys that are on strings so their claws are not within reach of your hands. Make sure to play with your cat a few times a day to help them burn off energy. Most of the time they think they are playing with another cat, and it isn’t meant to be hurtful to you.

Your cat becomes aggressive

If this happens out of the blue, this is a good sign that something is going on with their health.  If they get aggressive out of nowhere take them in to get checked out. A lot of times they are sick or in pain. If your cat is being aggressive to you or another animal make a loud noise to startle them so they stop.  You can also spray them with water to stop them. Spaying or neutering can be a great way to help stop aggression if they are not sick. Also make sure you are feeding them enough, playing with them, and offering enough resources so they are not bored.

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