Cool Facts About Cat Eyes That Might Amaze You

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Cat eyes are unique and special, and there may be a lot of facts about cat eyes that you don’t know. Let me enlighten you with all you need to know about your cat’s gorgeous eyes! Can cats see in the dark? How far can they see? Those are the types of answers you will find below. Learn about your cat even more and see how unique cat eyes truly are. I have learned a lot about cats over the years, and I want to share what I know with you all. I think it really helps you understand your cat even more.

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Whether your cat has green or grey eyes it is okay. You will love these cat eye facts to enlighten you about all your cat sees and what they can’t! Then the next time you look into your cat’s eyes you can get a better understanding of what they see.

7 Facts About Cat Eyes

#CrazyCatLady #CatEyes #CatFacts cat eyes


Growing up I was always told cats are colorblind. That is not really true. They have a more muted sight, and they see some colors just not all. Research shows that they can see blue and yellow tones pretty well but struggle with green or red tones more. The intensity of colors is a lot less vivid then what we see.

Third Eyelid

Did you know that cats have a third eyelid? They say they have a third eyelid between their cornea and the regular eyelid you see. The purpose of this eyelid is to help protect their eyes. The third eyelid is what produces tears to help wash out any debris that gets in their eye and more.

How Well Can They See In The Dark?

Cats really can’t see that well in the dark which is surprising. They can see okay but not as good as you would think. Since they are seen as night animals you would think they have a more keen eye in the dark.  Cat vision is best around the 2-3 feet range.

See Emotions In Their Eyes

When you look at your cat’s eyes you can somewhat pick up on their emotions. When their pupils are wider they have a heightened emotion happening. Whether it is anxious, scared, or even excited. Then when you see your cats pupils very thin and narrow it can be a sign of anger or aggression.

Vertical Eyes

What I think sets cat eyes apart the most is the vertical slits in their eyes. This isn’t just for looks, it is to make transitioning from one size to another easier, so they can adjust their eyes. The smaller you see their pupils the less light is allowed to come in.

Blue Cat Eyes Can Mean Deafness

When you white cat has blue eyes, they generally are deaf. If your cat has one blue eye, it can mean they are only deaf in the ear on the side of the eye that is blue. While this isn’t always true, it is more often than not.  Two different colored eyes is a condition called heterochromia.

Kittens Have Blue Eyes

All kittens are born with blue eyes, just like humans. Then as they grow their eyes will change into the color they will stay later on in life. Most cat eyes are a hazel, green, or amber color.


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