Crazy Things Cat Lovers Do

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All you cat lovers, you know the struggle is real! We can do weird and off-the-wall things, just to please our cats! From baby-talking with our cats, blessing them when they sneeze and more! I know you might be thinking, no not me! Read the list below, and see if you have ever done one, two or three items on this list!

If you are a loving cat owner, you might get a chuckle out of a few items on this list! I know for me, I could say I am guilty of pretty much all the items on the list below. Okay, maybe guilty on all charges! These are a mix of endearing and a bit annoying habits you cat lovers might find yourself doing! I am sure any cat owner can appreciate this list!

Things Only Cat Lovers Will Understand 


Playing with Cat Fur

Ever try different hair styles on your cat, by brushing their hair in different directions? Just to see how darn cute they are?! Mohawks, brushing hair back to see what they would look like hairless, to name a few.

Using Your Cat as Slippers

You are sitting on the couch and your feet are chilly but are too lazy to get socks on, so you grab your cat and plop him on your feet to keep you warm!

Try Holding Your Cats Hand

We treat our cats like our children, so who wouldn’t want to hold your adorable cat’s hand?! Only to find most of the time, your cat pulls their paw away instantly!

Talking to Your Cat

I heard my sister chatting away one day for a long time, and I was wondering who had come over to visit. I went into her room and she was talking to her cat, carrying on a conversation! What?! I legitimately thought someone was over, because of how she was talking!

Jealous When They Show Affection to Others

You have a friend over and your cat gives all their attention to your guest, and you find yourself jealous!

Baby Talking

Talking to your cat like you would a baby because you can’t get over their adorableness! Only a high pitched baby voice will do!

Calling Your Cat Pet Names

Do you call your cat something besides its true name? Maybe you call your cat princess, prince, or any other unique pet name.

Petting Your Cat Against Your Will

Do you ever try to stop petting your cat and they keep nudging you to keep going, and so you do? This could go on for hours when you are tired of petting but you can’t stop! You might even transition to petting them with your feet because your hands get tired!

Not Getting Up Because Your Cat is Asleep on You

You might feel your tummy grumbling or need to use the restroom, but you find yourself sitting there, holding your cat. You don’t want to get up because your cat has fallen asleep on you! They are too precious to move.

Cancel Plans to Snuggle Your Cat

You cancel plans of going out to snuggle on your little kitty cat!  This is definitely something only cat lovers would do!

Feeding Your Cat Human Food

Have you ever fed your cat human food before, just to watch how cute they are smacking it! I know I have!

Snapping Pictures Constantly

Your cat slightly moves and looks beyond cute, so you snap a ton of pictures! If you look at your camera roll, is it filled with pictures of your cat? I am betting so!

Letting Your Cat Look in the Mirror

You are walking past a mirror and you hold your cat up so they can see how cute they are! I am sure your cat’s face says they are impressed!

Shocked When People Say They Don’t Like Cats

Be honest, have you ever judged someone for not liking cats? I mean what is wrong with them, what is not to love!

Blessing Them When They Sneeze

Saying bless you when they sneeze! I mean it would be rude not to!

Do any of these habits and behavior sound like you? What are some unique or crazy cat lady things you do with your cat, that might cause people to look at you strangely?! 

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