Create a Cat Oasis with an Indoor Cat Garden

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If you have an indoor cat or two, you might know deep down that they yearn to be outside! You see them spending hours staring out the window, watching birds fly by, bugs hitting the window, and whatever else they spy. Why not create an indoor cat garden, where your cat can feel a little bit of the outside world!

The cool crisp green on their feet will spark their curiosity, and make them feel like they are in the wild! Below I will share some simple ideas on creating a cat garden for your favorite little cat! If you have multiple cats, feel free to make a bigger sized garden! You make your garden to fit the space you have! If you live in a small area, create a smaller one, I know your cat will be thanking you!

To make an indoor cat garden, you have to be mindful of the plants you use. Some plants can be very toxic to cats. I have done the research and will share come cat-friendly plants you can use to create a one of a kind cat garden! Cats are so curious by nature, they will love sniffing, scratching and lounging around in their new space.

Cat-Friendly Plants 

Below is a list of some common and cat-safe plants you can use in your garden. Pick and choose what you want, and what you can find in your area! Buy a few different ones, and in no time you can create a beautiful garden!

  • Catnip: Of course this is a top pick, cats will get a burst of energy when they smell it. If they do eat it, they will become pretty relaxed. It is not recommended to use if your cat has had a history of seizures.
  • Cat Thyme: This does have a bit of a strong smell, but cats seem to really be drawn in by the scent. It is similar to catnip in the reaction cats will have.
  • Rye Grass: This is a nice soft grass that your cat will enjoy, and it is tasty to them. You might see your cat nibbling on a piece of grass!
  • Lemongrass: This is a great one, it does offer a light lemon scent, and offers great health benefits. It is a natural antibacterial, diuretic, and helps with digestion in cats.
  • Parsley: Cats love parsley, and it offers plenty of minerals and vitamins when they eat it. If your cat eats too much of this, it can give them a bellyache. So make sure to watch it, and if they tend to eat too much, remove it from the garden.
  • Mint: This is has a mint fragrance, and like the others it is great for them to eat as it helps with digestion, and has some mineral benefits.

Creating An Indoor Cat Garden  

  1. It is best to use a low-sided flower pot, so your cat doesn’t knock it over as easily! You want to make sure the size of the plant is tall enough for your cat’s head to reach the plant, but also not low enough they can go in and use it as a bathroom.
  2. For potting soil make sure you use organic, you don’t want any chemicals in the soil.
  3. Next you will want to pick 2-3 different plants and plant them in the pot. Plant as directed on the plant tag, for depth. Try not to crowd as the plants will spread and grow some.
  4. Then take some rocks, and place in areas that are not covered in plants, and you can even place a cute little figurine or something in the plant for decoration. Place by a window for sunlight, and then water as needed! If you plant grass, make sure to trim it back every now and again!

Put your garden out where you cat can access it easily, and let them enjoy the outside garden world! Some cats love to just check it out and sniff at it, while others will munch on the plants! Either way, your cat will be thanking you at the end of the day, for their indoor cat garden!

More fun for your kitty love!

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