4 Awesomely Cute Cat Odd Couples That You Will Fall In Love With

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I love scrolling through Facebook and seeing adorable animal pictures popping up in my feed. One thing that gets me every single time is seeing videos or pictures of cute cat odd couples! Seeing a tortoise and a cat, or a mouse and a cat becoming instant best friends, is adorable. Nothing pulls at the heartstrings like adorable cats loving all kinds of animals. Check out these over-the-top adorable cat odd couples below that showcase the true bonds these animals found in each other.

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Absolutely Cute Cat Odd Couples

Sometimes the oddest couples make the best friends. Best friends don’t have to look alike to make a connection. These cat odd couples below prove just that. One thing I notice about cats is they are sometimes picky about who they choose to like, but once they decide, you have a friend for life. That is exactly what I see in these adorable odd couples below. Instant bonds that will carry on through their lives.


Absolutely Cute Cat Odd Couples

Cat and Fox

These two are just precious together. I have never seen a fun relationship like this with two adorable animals. The fennec fox’s ears literally melt my heart. I mean this is absolutely adorable. The two of them playing hide-and-seek is just precious. I love when the fox tries hopping on the kitchen counter to get to his best buddy.

Cattle Dog and Disabled Kitten

This couple pulls at my heart. I love seeing this cattle dog show love and kindness to this tiny disabled kitten. You can see their instant connection and love they seem to have together. I am sure they are still spending days together being pals.

Ferret and Cat

Watching this ferret hop around on the bed is adorable. I have never been around ferrets so it was a cute combination to watch them play and just enjoy their time. It looks like these two have lots of fun time together playing around.

Cat and Fish

This is a cat odd couple I wouldn’t have imagined. Can you imagine walking outside and seeing this adorable ginger kitty playing around with these fish?! It is seriously the cutest thing ever. I have never seen a cat dip their paws in water and be okay with it. This is one adorable set of friends, I wonder how often this cat comes to play!?

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