DIY Cat Toys To Keep Your Feline Friend Busy

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We have a ton of awesome DIY cat toys here for you to make your feline’s friends purr with envy!

Does your cat seem to never have enough toys? Our cat, Whiskers, is a cat that is obsessed with playing! He still needs to master the difference between your flesh and his toys! It is a work in progress, but maybe one day he will learn! Most feline friends love to play, they go through spurts where everything they see they have to swat at! I love watching our cats play, they can be so amusing at what they find interesting.  After a little while of playing, Whiskers will come and lay down for a long nap!

Below are some really fun DIY cat toys, if you are looking for some homemade cat toy ideas to keep your furry feline happy!

Benefits of Playing With Your Cat Each Day

Makes them Feel Like a Predator

Exercise for Them

Relieves Boredom

Promotes Bonding

Simple Homemade DIY Cat Toys 

Cardboard Castle

Cats love to play in cardboard boxes, so why not make a castle fit for a king or queen to play in!

Wine Cork Toy

Good excuse to pop open more bottles of wine, to use the corks in these new DIY cat toys! Now if you don’t drink you can totally buy corks at craft stores!

Homemade Catnip Yarn Ball

Catnip+Yarn= Heaven to your cat! These are really fun and simple DIY cat toys you can make at home! If you have catnip growing, that makes it even easier. If not you can buy catnip in stores or online!

Feather Cat Toy

Make this stringed feather toy for your cat to swat at, and watch it sway back and forth! This is one toy I know cats could play with for a long time. You can either pull on the string or hang up somewhere so it sways in the air!

Cardboard Mouse

Wow, these could pretty much be free DIY cat toys if you have some cardboard on hand. The shape of this cardboard mouse is very intriguing to your cat and great for moving around on the floor.

Magnetic Pendulum Toy

This toy is a little bit different than the others and will intrigue your cat. The magnets are used to add an extra dimension of movement, which will keep your cat’s attention! Takes a little bit to make, but if you are handy, it is worth making!

Felt Cat Balls

There is something about felt and balls that seem to draw a feline in! These are pretty easy DIY cat toys to make, and your cat will play with them over and over again!

Cattail Catnip Toy

Another great catnip toy to make for your cat! This does require a little sewing, so if you are not that handy at sewing, maybe ask a friend!

Crochet Cat Toy

If you can crochet this is one precious cat toy! I love the look and concept of this toy, and I could see our cat always wanting to play with it!

DIY Cat Puzzle

These ones are really neat DIY cat toys. You can make a puzzle for your cat to entertain themselves with! Save toilet paper or paper towel rolls to create this fun toy!

Balls Puzzle

Cats go crazy over these DIY cat toys. Take an old plastic container with a lid and recycle it for your little feline friend! Toss some balls in, and seal up the container, and let your cat have fun trying to get the balls inside.

Hanging Cat Scratch Post

This is such a fun and neat item to put on display in your home. I love the whole look of this, and your cats will absolutely love the post to scratch and sharpen their nails on!

Old T-shirts Into Toy Balls

Use your old shirts that no longer fit to cover boxes or make these fun DIY cat toys for your cat to toss around! I love the idea and how simple these would be to make!

Peek-A-Boo Box

What a fun idea, it is like a feline maze game! A box with some circle shapes cut out and then a ball inside, so when they stick their paw in the ball rolls around!

Catnip Tea Bags

Pamper your little kitty with these DIY catnip tea bags! Your little buddy will love rubbing all over them and batting at the bags.


I think I need to make a few of these DIY cat toys for our cats right now! I especially love the cardboard castle, and the wine cork toys!  Cat toys come in a range of things, from play mice, string on a rope, interactive toys and more. You can buy or make your cat toys that will help give your cat some fun play time, and help them get some exercise in!

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