Do Any Of The Cat Calming Sprays Really Work

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lf you own a cat you might have experienced a moment or two where your cat seems stressed. Just like humans our felines can get overwhelmed. They can suffer from anxiety, and act out because of this. You might have heard of cat calming sprays that are supposed to help mellow out your cat. But you also might be wondering do these things really work?

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I know there are a lot of pet owners out there who try to steer clear of medicines when it comes to their pets. This is understandable as some can have bad side effects. We all want to protect our sweet animals. These cat calming sprays are a more natural route that some cat owners are finding success with. Some brands have good results and others not so good. Because of this, you have to be aware of the brand you buy. Read reviews on the site to see what other pet owners have experienced.

What Exactly Are Cat Calming Sprays?

Cat calming sprays have certain pheromones in them that can help calm your cat. You may not know that cat calming sprays were first created to help owners with other issues.   They can be used in areas where a cat might be spraying or using the restroom.  Owners also used them for cats tending to aggression problems and so on. They then realized that these sprays would help calm your cat.

Say your cat is scared of storms and everytime a thunderstorm rolls in you know you’re in for a long night. Or your cat doesn’t like you being gone for a long time or gets stressed when company comes over. You can use a cat calming spray to help ease that anxiety and stress your cat might be feeling.

Do Cat Calming Sprays Work?

Like I said above some brands work better than others from what cat owners are saying. However, many are seeing some good results when they use the sprays. Cats who truly have anxiety issues have been shown to mellow out when you use the spray. Now depending on the brand you buy, they will have different directions. I do recommend that if your cat has any health issues, it is important to go in and let your cat get a full checkup at the vet. Get advice from them if it is okay to use the spray on your cat. Then follow the directions on the bottle.

When your cat smells the pheromones that are emitted from the sprays, it can help bring relief and a calming to your feline.  These mimic your cat’s natural pheromones. This is a great option to help your cat learn to cope with their environment and their surroundings. It helps lower the stress signals, and that is a relief for them and you.

Now if your cat has any behavioral issues that aren’t related to stress and anxiety you might not really find any success with these sprays. But, it won’t hurt to try.  If you don’t find success with the cat calming sprays consider trying cat-safe essential oils.

Most Recommended Cat Calming Sprays

Feliway Spray| This spray is great for traveling or heading to the vet. You can also use this on an as-needed basis.   So if your cat only needs help during storms, etc. then you can do that. It isn’t something you have to use daily.

Comfort Zone Feliway Diffuser Kit for Cat Calming| Not as good, according to some reviews, as the spray above. This is a diffuser method that releases the scent into the air for your cat. This is good if your cat suffers from behavior issues such as spraying a certain area of your home when you are away. Plug in by the area to help ease your cat’s stress level. This is also good for when you are gone at work if your cat suffers from separation anxiety. 

Have you used a cat calming spray?  If so, did it work for your cat?

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