Fascinating Facts About the Tuxedo Cat

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Tuxedo is a color pattern, not a breed of felines. Because of this, the tuxedo cat can have either long or short hair, be pure bred or mixed! We have two tuxedo cats, and let me just say they both are absolutely stunning and have hearts of gold! Here are some fascinating facts about the tuxedo cat, if you own one like us, you might really enjoy this!

Facts About Tuxedo Cat

Fascinating Facts About the Tuxedo Cat You May Not Know

Typically with a tuxedo cat, you will have fur that is mainly black with some white throughout their coat, on their paws, belly, and even face. Our one cat, he almost has a mustache, it is absolutely darling! I am a huge fan of the black and white, and their coats are always so crisp and the white is so bold next to the black!  We have two tuxedo cats, one is Whiskers and the others name is Sassy! They are such fun loving kitties!

fascinating facts about tuxedo cat

I will say, Whiskers is our boy, and he is one active little cat. He is always climbing trees, hunting, and wanting to play. He can be a bit more aggressive when he plays, we have to watch him as his claws are sharp, and this kitty is fast! Sassy, on the other hand, got her name because when she was first brought here she was sassy! If you went to pet her she would let you pet her until she was done, and then would bite you. Now, she has grown up, she is the most loving cat ever. Wants to be petted all the time, rubbing up on your leg, and always the first one to greet us! I am glad she grew out of her sassy stage!

10 Reasons Why the Tuxedo Cat Totally Rocks

Over 70% of all cats that are pictured in the Egyptian royal tombs are tuxedo cats, pretty crazy right!?

Tuxedo is a pattern not a breed of cat. Different breeds can create the tuxedo pattern, which is pretty neat!

Genetically these cats are always dressed in full fashion, and ready to walk the runway with their tuxedo look.

One tuxedo cat, Sparky, was left $6.3 million dollars in an inheritance, talk about one rich tuxedo cat!

The tuxedo pattern was favored by Sir Isaac Newton and William Shakespeare, two very famous people in history!

Tuxedo cats can be really great swimmers, but don’t toss one in the water or they might hate you!

Tuxedo cats have special genes that make up their color markings, which makes them pretty awesome. They have a gene for a solid color and a gene for spots and they come together to create a tuxedo print.  This is one of the most interesting facts about the tuxedo cat, in my opinion!

These pretty kitties have not originated from any particular breed, they can be found in mixed breeds as well as pure breeds, that makes them very unique! They can have long or short hair!

Eyes can range anywhere from Gold to blue or green in their color!

The pretty tuxedo cat can be pretty vocal when compared to a Persian breed! They can be a little less vocal when compared to a Siamese.




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