Grooming Tools for Cats to Keep Their Fur Shiny and Clean

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Let’s face it…cat’s LOVE to clean themselves. No matter day or time it is, if a cat thinks it’s dirty, it’s going to stop everything and start licking. The truth is, their fur is actually quite beautiful! And when you stop and think about all the types of cats and fur, grooming tools are actually quite important!

Think of your cat like a person. Each of us requires a hairbrush to battle our manes, right? So, why wouldn’t your cat need one, too? While a cat can lick and clean and get all the dirt out, they can’t use their tooth or tongue to get out those rats!

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Grooming Tools for Cats to Keep Their Fur Shiny and Clean

Different breeds of cats require different grooming tools. Every cat is different in how much grooming that they will need. Some cats do a great job at keeping their fur clean, while others just never seemed to learn.

I had a cat once that literally never cleaned her own fur. Maybe she didn’t learn that skill when she was younger, but regardless, it meant that it was up to me to clean her daily and after each time that she went outside or to the restroom.

If you want to help your cat out with their cleaning routine, here are some grooming tools to consider.

Flea Comb

The dreaded four-letter word: flea….but yes, even our precious cats get them. Flea combs can be a great addition to your grooming tools because they help get rid of those pesky bugs, plus they provide a thorough brushing. The teeth on these combs are small and close together, letting very few things pass by without getting caught. There are good for cats with short and medium hair, but don’t work as well for long-haired cats.

Fine-toothed comb

This is the one grooming tooth that all cats need. Because of the size and placement of the teeth of the comb, it can help get out dirt and locate those clumps or “mats” of hair.

Medium-toothed comb

If your cat has really long hair, a medium-toothed comb may be best. It allows for a bit wider space to pull through the hair and can work really well for longer fur.

While grooming your cat may help them become cleaner, it’s also a time that your cat may love as well. In fact, depending on how you approach the situation, your cat may actually want you to help in the grooming rituals that they do on a daily basis!

Remember to start slowly if you are going to start grooming your cat’s fur to give them time to acclimate. Cats can be a bit territorial, so you don’t want to jump in and just start combing away.

Pet them and talk to them while you are grooming and take breaks here and there so that your cat knows that you are doing something to try to help them, instead of forcing it to happen where it will feel like a punishment.

The best part about using these grooming tools for your cat? Their fur and coat will shine like never before!

Just remember to be patient and kind with your cat! They have feeling in their fur and if you feel like it’s pulling to you, it’s more than likely going to be pulling for them also.

Don’t forget to clean out the cat hair as well as you’re brushing. You can get a lot of buildup in the comb in you aren’t paying attention and that makes the brushing a lot less affective once it gets too cluttered up with hair.

Many of these tools can be found in supermarkets and pet stores making it super easy on you and your budget as well! Just remember…once you start grooming your pet, you need to keep up with it on a consistent basis!

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