15 Cute Halloween Costumes For Cats – Star Wars, Pizza, Dinosaurs and More

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If you are wanting to dress your cat up this Halloween, you might check out the variety of cute Halloween costumes for cats! You can turn your sweet kitty into a roaring lion, or a pirate looking for some gold, and so much more.

These costumes are absolutely adorable and if you can get your cat to keep it on, even long enough for a photo, you are lucky! These costumes would be great for Halloween night handing out candy to kiddos!

Cute Halloween Costumes For Cats

Nothing is more adorable to me than seeing a cat or dog dressed up for Halloween! It is so fun to see how adorable they look in their costumes! Since our cats are mainly outside and are not a huge fan of costumes, they probably would think we are nuts if we tried dressing them up!

We did have one pet years ago, Ruger, who let us dress him up. But, he wasn’t always the happiest, sometimes he would just sit there and not move until we took the costume off! Some animals I have seen love to be dressed up, and that is when all these adorable Halloween costumes for cats come in handy!

Adorable Halloween Costumes for Cats

Cute Halloween Costumes For Cats


When everywhere you turn is a unicorn this, a unicorn that, you have to have the option to let your cat be a unicorn this season!

Lion Mane

This is absolutely adorable, turn your cat into a lion with this mane. It fits over their head and creates a nice roaring mane! Under $10, which is a steal!


Have a roaring good time if you get this costume for your cat!  A pink and purple dinosaur costume, and comes in a variety of sizes.

Prymal Trump Cat

This Trump wig gave me a good laugh! It reminds me of the guy on America’s Got Talent this year impersonating Donald Trump! 


Let your cat hop on board a ship and be a sailor for Halloween! Adorable little hat and tie! This is one adorable outfit for your kitty!


If you have multiple cats, do a sailor and then a pirate! The arms sticking out on this outfit crack me up, I love the hook for a hand!


Who is the ruffest and toughest kitty on the block, this cowboy is! I have to say this is probably my favorite costume ever!


There is a new cop in town, and this guy is it. It comes with a little outfit and even a hat that secures on your cat’s head!


We had a wiener dog that we dressed up as a bumblebee one year, it was so fun! This is a fun costume!


This is a hooded cloak witch costume, that is pretty adorable! Be really cute on a black cat, perfect for that spooky Halloween night!

Slice of Pizza

I have never seen a pizza costume for a cat before, this one is absolutely cute as can be!

Star Wars Yoda

May the Force be With you in this costume choice! If you are a fan of Star Wars this might be a must-have this season!


Let your cat dress up as a peacock this season! It has such adorable tail feathers!

Puss in Boots

This is a fun one if you are wanting something a little different this year!


I have always wanted to own a panda, this might be a perfect idea!!

If you don’t want to dress your cat up in a full costume, check out these great Halloween accessories for cats instead!

Here are some fun accessories for your cat for Halloween as well!

Sombrero Hat for Cats 

So cute and simple, your cat will look awesome in this hat!

Bat Wings

These bat wings for a cat are fun and perfect! Who doesn’t love a bat cat?!

Trump Wig

Trust me on this one…this cat costume is going to be HUGE.

Cool Cat Sunglasses

Is you cat cool as a cucumber? They’ll be totally cool in these sunglasses.

Banana Cat

I don’t know why I love this, but I just do.

Do you dress your cats up for Halloween?  Which of these Halloween costumes for cats is your favorite?

Bonus – here are some Christmas cat costumes that you’ll love!

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