10 Knee Slapping Cat Logic Memes – What Are They Thinking!

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Have you ever just looked at your cat and wondered what on earth are they thinking right now?! I have some hilarious cat logic memes to help be a mood booster for you all if you are in need! These cat logic memes crack me up because I truly think at times our cats probably think these things!

cat logic memes

I remember one day I was extra emotional, and my sister’s cat just gave me the craziest look, and for a second I thought, “This cat thinks I am off my rocker crazy!” It would be so fun to actually know what our cats thought about us when we have those crazy moments of emotions or do something weird! Am I the only one that thinks this? Please say, no!

Laughable Cat Logic Memes 

cat logic memes

We have one cat that has an attitude, and her name is Sassy! This fits her, I am sure we all can agree we get a text with all caps, and in our mind, we hear screaming!

cat logic memes

Totally just sang this with Justin Timberlake’s voice, ha! See the little story I wrote above, fits perfectly!

cat logic memes

This cute kitty know what is up! This was totally me on Monday, and maybe even Tuesday! Caffeine makes me survive after the weekend!

Cat logic memes

I am sure our cats think this about our neighbor’s dog, that keeps coming over. They are probably like, how do I get rid of this huge dog!?

cat logic memes

This kitty knows how to see the positive in all situations! Am I right?!

cat logic memes

This is always my mom, or you see her eyeball only! She doesn’t get she can see herself in the corner of the screen!

cat logic memes

Totally always have that one neighbor, that is entertaining to watch!

cat meme logic

This is too cute not to share! I think all our cats are our little super heroes!

cat logic memes

This is I think most kids in the world, selective hearing at its finest!

cat logic memes

I think this is the true thought process of a cat. Nap, and then nap some more, eat and have one more nap!

Did these cat logic memes make you laugh too?

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