Hilarious Things Only Cat Owners Understand

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If you are a cat owner, you know the joys they can bring into your life. Being a cat owner comes with pros and a few funny cons in my opinion! Every cat has their own personality, and it is fun to learn what they like and don’t like. Below are some things only cat owners understand.

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Funny Things Only Cat Owners Understand

When we welcomed our kittens into our farmhouse life, we were quick to learn each of their personalities. Whiskers loves attention but when he is done, you will feel his claws pretty quick. He doesn’t know how to be gentle when he sinks them into your leg or arm. Sassy was pretty sassy when she first came but now is one loving cat. Bella is the one who could be cuddled and petted non-stop and would never get tired of it. She is a lover, who loves lots of attention. With each cat we have welcomed into our lives throughout the years, it never seems to amaze me how different each of them has been.

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Some cats are great at digging up your beautiful indoor plants. I have quickly found out houseplants are now a thing of the past.

You will think your cat is the cutest cat in the universe and will take any excuse to gush over the cute things your kitty does to friends.

Random scratches and bite marks on your hands and arms have now become endearing marks. You love giving affection to your cat, even if it ends in getting clawed.

Your secret ingredient to any dish you serve up is a splash of cat hair.

Your wonderful Christmas tree might get trampled each year, and you may even have to skip the ornaments.

You never know what present your cat might leave you at your front door, by the bathroom or wherever around the house. Their unique gifts are a way to show you how proud they are. Even if it is a dead mouse.

Even More Hilarious Things Only Cat Owners Understand

Despite them not talking back, you can have full conversations with your cat, like they are a human and understand what you are saying.

No need for an alarm clock when you have a cat who wakes you up all times of the night to play or just meows for no reason.

You will never have to fear eating a meal alone again. Your trusty cat will give you the “eyes” the whole time until you share a few nibbles.

Instead of buying your cat new toys, just bring them a box for endless hours of fun!

Your cat has a special meow that will get your attention no matter what you are doing.

You know to watch where you set your cup, or you might find your cat is taking a drink of your iced tea.

The strangest and most awkward places your cat decides to lay down for a nap will cease to amaze you.

You might find you have one piece of furniture you give up trying to salvage, because your cat uses it to sharpen their nails, despite the toys and scratch posts you have for them.

Feeding time is always filling up the cat bowl, even when your cat still has food in it. Those pieces are just not enough.

You own at least one cat themed item, whether it is a mug, cute cat lover sign or your favorite t-shirt with a cat on it.

Sometimes they knock things over just to be funny, or so I like to think that.

You find yourself having a panic attack thinking your cat ran away, only to find them sound asleep in a corner of your room.

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