5 Himalayan Cat Facts You Might Not Know

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The Himalayan cat might be mistaken for a Siamese breed pretty often. I would explain that a Himalayan is like a Siamese and Persian cat combined. You have those beautiful markings like you see on a Siamese with long soft, fluffy hair like a Persian cat. These cats are one majestic breed and have some pretty amazing facts you might not be aware of.

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If I could pick a cat breed and say that it would be my “dream” cat I would say this breed is pretty close to the top. I just love that rich smokey color of their fur paired next to white and black, they just are stunning cats. Plus I have always wanted a long-haired cat. I am sure some might be shaking their head at me, saying you won’t like the fur everywhere. But I still think it would be neat to own one, someday. Now, let me share all I know about the Himalayan cat breed with you all!

What You Don’t Know About the Himalayan Cat Breed

#CrazyCatLady #CatFacts #CatBreeds Himalayan cat facts

Earn Their Love

Himalayans love to show affection, but you have to earn their love, it doesn’t just go out to anyone. They are very close to their owners and show a strong trust.  A Himalayan cat is very loving once comfortable with you.


These cats are pretty mellow, but they aren’t a fan of too much chaos. They are generally great with kids and can handle most environments.  However, if it gets too rowdy they get annoyed and frustrated. Like any cat, they love to lounge and kick back, and enjoy peaceful moments.

Brush Coat Daily

These cats take some upkeep to keep their coats looking beautiful. The thick coat can tangle and get matted very easily. Therefore, it is recommended to brush them daily. They generally love to be brushed as they take it as a pampering session, and who doesn’t love that?

 Medium Size Cat

Himmies are a medium-sized cat. They generally weigh around 7 to 12 pounds and have a pretty muscular build. They are great for jumping far distances and climbing. Because of this, make sure to have a cat tree or some shelving to provide opportunities for this indoors.

Can Be Prone to Health Troubles

These cats have a pretty flat shaped face, so they can have issues with breathing correctly over time. The other issue is making sure that things like litter or food don’t get stuck in the fur between their paw pads.  This can cause irritation and sores over time.


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