10 Homemade Cat Treats, Toys, And More For Your Feline

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If you’re looking for some simple homemade cat treats to spoil your cat baby, look no further than these simple options!

Let’s take a minute to really swoon over our furry fur babies! I love to pamper our pets, and I am all about making homemade cat treats, toys, and more. Nothing says I love you more than a homemade gift. So why not carve out some time in your schedule and make some special gifts for your cat to show them you care. I have recipes for homemade cat treats, DIY cat toys, and so much more. You will tons of great ideas to try out and see how your feline likes them!

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Tasty Homemade Cat Treats And More To Pamper Your Kitty

Homemade Cat Treats - Tuna Cat Treats - Bullock Buzz

Here is some homemade tuna cat treats that will make your cat go bonkers every time you open up the container to give them one. What cat can resist the aroma of tuna? While you may not be crazy for it, your cat is certain to love it!

Learn how to make a DIY cat treat jar to store your homemade or store bought treats in! A cute way to display your cat treats on the counter in your kitchen or even hall.

Homemade Cat Treats - Easy Cat Toy - Baby Saver

Check out this easy cat toy that requires no sewing! You can make a toy that your cat can bat and pounce on and burn out any energy they may have!

Here is another cat toy you can make. This one is a Halloween inspired cat toy, but you can’t won’t mind playing with it any time of the year.

This is a great idea on how to make your own cat scratching post in your basement or in any area of your home. Grab a few supplies and within an hour or so you have a DIY scratching post.

Homemade Cat Treats - Breakaway Cat Collar- Third Stop On The Right

Learn how to make your own breakaway cat collar for your feline. Grab your sewing machine, thread, and some fabric and create a really cute and affordable cat collar.

I love this cat stick for your cat to nibble on, kick and wrap their legs around and play. Very easy to make, affordable, and takes minimal time to do.

Take old baby socks and transform them into cat toys! A great way to recycle your baby socks in a way that gives your cat some enjoyment.

Homemade Cat Treats - Cat Bed Basket - So Easy Being Green

Learn how to make a simple DIY cat bed that will fit any color scheme of your home. I like the idea of this really quick no fuss cat bed idea.

You can even make homemade cat shampoo for your cat or dog. This is good for either, although it can be a struggle for most cats to be willing to take a bath!

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Keep in mind that making cat toys isn’t hard to do. Your cat would have fun playing with anything that you give them! (they like cardboard boxes and lasers after all!)

If you’re wanting to give your cat a cool homemade toy or homemade treat, these simple tips and ideas should help!

Have you made your cat homemade treats, toys or something else? If so what was it?!

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