5 Special Ways To Honor A Cat That Has Passed Away

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Many people consider their cats family, some even call them their child. Due to this fact, it is never easy when you lose a precious cat. They leave their paw prints on your heart with their little paws, and it can be hard without them. I have some special ways to honor a cat that has passed away.

Honor A Cat That Has Passed Away

When I was little we had a cat named, Buttons. She was the best cat anyone could ever ask for. She was a gorgeous calico color and she was so loving. Buttons was an indoor and outdoor cat so she would watch me play in the yard, wait on the porch for me to come home, and then sit in my lap as I watched my favorite cartoons. When we lost her I was absolutely devastated. She was my best friend and I wish we would have done one of these ways to honor her. I think it would have helped me a little.

Maybe a friend you know lost her cat, or you personally lost your furry four-legged friend. These ideas might help make it a little bit easier. They can help you remember those special moments, and maybe help heal your broken heart.

How To Honor A Cat That Has Passed Away

Honor A Cat That Has Passed Away


Make your own or buy a small stepping stone and have that act like a headstone for your pet. Put the headstone in your yard or flower garden. If you have kids let them paint it and decorate to honor their lost kitty.


Consider buying jewelry that will help honor and remember your beloved kitty. The Comfort Company is a site that offers memorial jewelry. You can find jewelry with paw prints that are really pretty and can be a great gift as well.

Painted Portrait

If you have a picture of your dear cat, find someone who can turn it into a painted portrait. You might find someone in your area or look online. This is a beautiful option to be able to see your sweet kitty and remember all the good times.


If you have pictures of your cat, maybe scrapbook. Sitting down as a family and adding pictures and remembering those special moments can be wonderful for the heart. Make sure to add a few of your favorite stories of your cat too.

Plant A Tree

The company Let Your Love Grow is one of the most wonderful ways to honor a cat that has passed away. If you cremated your precious cat, they can safely mix the ashes in with the soil, so it acts as a memorial tree. While doing this on your own can be harmful to the environment, they have a way of doing this that is safe. 

If you have lost a pet in the past, did you do anything special to honor them?

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