How Does Catnip Work And A Few Interesting Facts To Know

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There is something about catnip that really grabs any cats attention. But, what is it and how does catnip work? Let me help answer those questions and share some facts about catnip as well. Some say your cat can overdose or even experience a mind-altering state. Before you give your car any more catnip read this breakdown about catnip and decide if you want to continue.

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How Does Catnip Work

I remember when my family moved into our house there was a huge patch of catnip growing in the garden. I think the person before us had planted it for their cats or for their own personal use. Every now and again you would see the neighbor’s cat playing around in our garden in the catnip. For the longest time I thought it was weeds (I was really young) then my dad told me it was catnip and explained that it really attracts cats. Now being an adult it all makes sense to me, and I thought I would help explain a bit about catnip.

Catnip actually contains nepetalactone which is an oil and when your cat sniffs if they get a high from it. Researchers say the high is similar to marijuana, and the high your cat experiences lasts around ten minutes or a little longer.

What Does Catnip Do to Cat’s Mental State

#CrazyCatLady #CatnipandCats #CatnipFacts

When your cat plays or even eats catnip you might find they go into a weird state of mind. From being kind of off the wall with energy, having big eyes, or they could be insanely mellow and just relax and lounge.

Training With Catnip

Because catnip is natural, many cat owners use it as a powerful tool to train their cat. Say your cat is scratching on the foot of the couch, grab your catnip. Apply catnip to a scratching post and place near the couch. This lures the cat to the scratching post and teaches them to use that instead of your furniture.

Toys, Snacks, or Fresh Catnip

You can buy toys with dried catnip in them, snacks containing catnip or just straight dried catnip. You can even grow your own. These are all available options for your cat if you choose to let them have catnip. You can grow catnip like an herb in your windowsill or find an area in the garden. It grows pretty well.

Is it Safe

The biggest question many have is whether catnip is safe. I think it is up to you to decide if you want your cat sniffing, eating or playing with catnip. It is natural and considered safe for cats, but the ultimate decision is yours.

Facts About Catnip

  • Catnip is considered to be related to oregano and basil in the herb family.
  • Not all cats will have the same reaction to catnip or even show interest.
  • Catnip is not addictive to cats, despite the high they get from it.
  • Catnip can be used to help humans with indigestion, insomnia and more.
  • Catnip is also great for repelling pests.
  • Depending if your cat sniffs or eats the catnip will result in different effects.

Do you give your cat catnip? 

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