How Often Should Your Cat’s Teeth Be Cleaned?

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If you thought that humans were the only ones that needed to see a dentist, you are mistaking, my friend! Cats need to take care of their precious teeth, too. Taking the time to let the vet take a look at your cat’s teeth to ensure their health is important, and it will help to ensure that your cat has a chance at a long and healthy life!

Depending on the condition of your cat’s teeth, you may be able to supplement cleaning at home. While it is helpful to have a vet clean their teeth, here are the steps for how you can provide care to your cat’s teeth from the comfort of your own home.

tips for cleaning your cat's teeth

How Often Should Your Cat’s Teeth Be Cleaned?

Think of your cat’s teeth in the same way that you think of yours. Cleaning them is important for dental health!

  • Brushing your cat’s teeth daily is ideal.

Did you know that there is actually flavored toothpaste option out there that will get your cat to be okay with using on their teeth? Flavors like salmon toothpaste just can’t be ignored by curious cats.


To introduce the concept of brushing your cat’s teeth, start by introducing them to the taste and smell of the cat-friendly and approved toothpaste.

Dab a bit on a small toothbrush and let them sniff and lick around a bit. Then, slowly put the toothbrush in their mouth and work on cleaning the outside of the teeth next to their cheek. This area of your cat’s teeth is typically where plaque will build up quickly because they aren’t necessary chewing with that side of their teeth and is the only area that you should really concentrate on brushing.

Brushing your cat’s teeth daily is a great way to keep them healthy and safe. If you haven’t been brushing their teeth, it’s always a good time to start!

What are the benefits of brushing your cat’s teeth?

Brushing your cat’s teeth can help prevent them from losing teeth or getting a gum disease or infection that can cause them a lot of pain and discomfort.

Again, take the time to take care of their teeth. They can’t brush their teeth themselves, so it’s going to be up to you to help!

What else can you use to keep your cat’s mouth healthy and clean?

While brushing your cat’s teeth is super important, there are also other items that you can use in your home to help keep their teeth healthy and clean during brushings!

Head to the local pet store and pick up some dental cat toys for your cat to lick and chew on. These are a great way to get your kitty to do a little bit of dental care on their own! Every bit helps!

Talk to your vet and see if there are any other safe products that they recommend you obtaining for your cat’s teeth. They are the experts and may have some great ideas and suggestions.

When it comes to caring for your cat’s teeth, remember to brush their teeth as much as possible. They may fight it a bit in the beginning, but keep at it to keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean!

how to keep your cat's teeth clean

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