How to Bottle Feed a Kitten

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Kittens are perfect and adorable. There is absolutely no denying that fact, at all. But when it comes to finding a baby kitten that is just too small to survive on their own without the help of you, are you prepared and ready to take over and help it thrive and grow? Bottle feeding a kitten can be pretty straightforward, but it does take time and patience.

If are you needing help to bottle feed your kitten, here is some info to help you be able to help that kitten get stronger each and every day!

bottle feed a kitten

How to Bottle Feed a Kitten

Kittens honestly will nurse on their momma cats for a really long time. I’ve seen cats that were pretty big still walking right up to their mom and latching on, and some momma cats actually let them continue! However, every once in a while you will see the momma cats literally stopping their kittens from nursing, and that means that the mom is done feeding, and the cats should be just fine eating regular food without supplementing with their mom’s milk.

If you happen to have a kitten who lost their mom, or who you found and know for certain that they are too little to not have any type of milk, it’s time to start feeding and supplementing with bottle feedings.

Milk in your fridge will not work.

First and foremost, you need to make certain that you are feeding them the appropriate formula.  You’ll need to help to the closest pet store and find a kitty formula. It will have the appropriate nutrients, vitamins, etc in it that the kitten needs to survive, which will not be found in human milk or cows milk.

While you are at the pet store, have someone show you were the feeding bottles are. You are going to want one that has a small nipple, in order for the kitty to fit it in its mouth.

Have extra bottle nipples on hand

I recommend buying several nipples to have on hand because those little kitty teeth can pierce right through! There’s nothing worse than being home late at night and having a kitten who won’t latch on the bottle because the nipple has holes in it. Better to be prepared rather than sorry!

Have at least 3-4 extra nipples on hand because kittens love to chew. You’ll want to make certain that you notice if they start to leak out more milk than normal when eating because that means that the nipple has a hole in it, more than likely.

Mixing the Formula to Bottle Feed the Kitten

Following the directions on the back of the formula container is always a good idea as it will give you instructions for the weight of kitten, etc. However, a couple things to keep in mind is that you need to always make certain that the formula is shaken up well so there aren’t slumps to clog up the nipple, and that you NEVER feed a kitten lying on it’s back.

The kitten should always be fed with its tummy towards the floor (just like you’d see it nursing its mom) because you don’t want the fluid to find it’s way to the lungs on the kitten.

Baby kittens are hungry!

They will like to eat around the clock, every few hours it seems. Be prepared to feed them frequently when they are little. Once they start hitting that 5-8 week mark, they may start to eat larger quantities, and can also start being weaned to soft foods, etc.

Always check with the local vet about the proper feeding times and techniques when it comes to caring for your kitten.

Always read the directions

Read the directions on the side of the formula bottle and make certain that you’re making the right ratio for your kitten. That way you’re ensuring that you’re giving them the right amount so that they’ll grow and gain the weight that they need to survive.

Helpful kitten feeding tip?

Kittens will constantly move their claws when trying to eat from the bottle. And more than likely, those claws are going to come into contact with your hands. They’re sharp! Wrap a small towel or blanket around you’re kitten and their paws so that they aren’t constantly scratching you while they’re taking the bottle. Trust me, your hands will thank you!

Being able to bottle feed a kitten is actually quite rewarding. It’s an amazing experience to watch the kitten grow and thrive, all because you are there to help them do so. Before you know it, you’ll have a cat on your hands and the bottle feeding days will be over!

how to bottle feed a kitten

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